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This recipe is sooo good, my family raved and raved how good my dressing was and I have been cooking for over 50 years. It was by far the best recipe I have ever had!!! Thank you so very much for sharing this.

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betsy222 November 24, 2006

Great stuffing recipe! I wanted something very simple and this did the trick. The amount was more than enough our 6kg bird -- I had enough to make 6 stuffing balls for baking on their own as well as filling the turkey. By the way, 9 cups of stuffing worked out to nearly 1 loaf of bread. I think we had about 5 slices left over.

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Sackville October 10, 2005

My husband loves this stuffing. Its really great because you can add anything you like to change it for different occasions. It is great with mushrooms (our favorite). I make it often with chicken. Don't let the long list of ingriedients fool you, its very simple, and you will impress your friends and family with homemade stuffing! Thanks for posting!

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Darling76 September 01, 2005

My husband was raised in a convenience food household, and he's very suspicious of anything that's made from scratch. "Wait...you're putting celery in there? And onions? Won't it taste weird? Why didn't you just use the boxed stuff?"

I made a double batch for Thanksgiving, and when my husband first tasted this, he was shocked. This stuff is absolutely delicious! He even told me that it was "way better than the stuff from a box." which is high praise from him.

I didn't have quite enough butter, so I substituted a little bit of chicken broth for an equal amount of butter. It didn't seem to affect the recipe negatively at all. The butter really makes this recipe, I think.

Thank you for such a delicious recipe!

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what-a-kerfuffle November 25, 2010

I made stuffing balls with this. I made it the night before and stuck it in the freezer right before cooking. They came out wonderfully. I've never done home made stuffing and I was shocked how easy this was. I did use the 1/2 stock adaptation and took out celery (allergic) but bumped up the onions a tad. I also didn't have dried sage, so added an extra pinch of rubbed. I got tons of compliments!

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OKC3094 January 01, 2010

I stuffed a whole turkey breast with this stuffing and it was gone by the time the meal was over! We enjoyed it so much. I did add some boiled ground sausage in it and added some of the water from the boiled sausage along with some crackers into the stuffing. Dee-Lish!

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idaframe February 11, 2009

Absolutly delicious!!! Very "traditional" tasting and like I remembered it as a kid. I was never able to duplicate the taste of my Mom's stuffing and I was so happy to have found this recipe!!! I used fresh bread and wouldn't recommend using dried bread cubes. Although easier to use, the flavor is just not the same. This was very easy to make and smelled wonderful!! My family likes their stuffing on the moist side so I added a splash of organic chicken broth. The addition of the broth made it a tad salty so I would decrease the salt by 1 tsp. the next time. I didn't have dried sage so I just used more ground sage. Otherwise, don't change a thing about this recipe!! I chopped up an apple and cooked it along with the onions and celery. Thanks for sharing your recipe!!! I won't use another again.

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Nancy S. December 01, 2007

You just can't go wrong with this recipe. It's perfect! I doubled it and it stuffed a 20 pound turkey perfectly. It's absolutely the best stuffing. Sometimes I use the full amount of butter and other times I do have chicken broth/half butter for the liquid. We like it both ways! Delicious!

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Petite Mommy November 23, 2007

This is great stuffing! I did double the recipe as my bird was 21 and a half pounds. I used half bread and half cornbread and it was enjoyed by all very much! Thanks BecR....

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Sheri-BDB December 30, 2006

AWESOME! Made this recipe for Thanksgiving this year. We had boneless turkey breast, so there was no cavity to stuff. We made the "stuffing balls" version and they were a huge hit. As per a different review, we added 1 cup chicken broth, and consistency was great for forming balls. However, this ELIMINATES the need for salt! Instead of 2 tsps, maybe use 1/2 tsp. You'll thank us! Delicious recipe.

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Wonder TwinZ November 27, 2009
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