Bread Machine Whole Wheat Bread (Low Fat)

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

You don't need a lot of ingredients for this bread and it always turns out the same, which is why I love it. From The Bread Machine Cookbook by Donna German, who always gives amounts for small, medium and large machine. I'm posting the large recipe.

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  1. Add ingredients to bread machine in the order given, or according to your machine instructions.
  2. Set on whole wheat or basic cycle. On my very old Black and Decker machine I use the powdered milk/wheat setting.
  3. This is a high rising whole wheat bread, and the large recipe usually squashes at the top of my machine. I can give small and medium versions if you send a private message.
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Made this today and it turned out very nice. I have a Black and Decker that is only a year old and makes massive loaves...this one rose to touch the lid. The only thing lacking was salt...I think this recipe could use another half teaspoon or even another whole teaspoon. I'm going to try this with 4 cups of whole wheat and see how it turns out. Great texture and sliced very nicely after cooling for 15 minutes.

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Love this bread. Comes out perfect every time. My only change was to add a little honey for additional sweetness.

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I was really hoping for a great loaf of healthy bread, but this just didn't stack up. I used King Arthur flours and fresh yeast, but I ended up with a small loaf...only half the size of my bread maker pan. The bread tasted fine, but was rather dense and dry.