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I thought this little recipe was an absolute gem! I made it in the bread machine but on the dough cycle and then lightly kneaded it and put it to rise in a loaf tin. After it doubled in size I baked it and it turned out to be very flavourful, everyone agreed that it had a sourdough taste. I used a tablespoon of fresh milk instead of powders or enhancers and it worked out fine. I highly recommend trying this wonderful bread. Edited to add: I made this again adding a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of wheat germ and it was even more delicious. I also made it on the bread machine on the basic 3 hour cycle and it was great.

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Perfectionist cook March 11, 2009

Wonderful sourdough bread. I used to have a starter in my fridge but the flipping thing was just so much work! This is a marvelous stand in. The yogurt gives it a nice softness, and I also put in 1/8 t. of citric acid to tart it up a bit more. I don't care for bread machine loaves so I baked mine at 375 for 40 minutes and it was just so good. I took it to a family dinner today, but I'm making another loaf just for us tomorrow. Thanks a bunch, Chef Dee.

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Erin R. November 21, 2009

Loved the simplicity of this recipe. The bread is nicely textured with a hint of sour. After cooling, the bread slices very well. Made as per recipe.

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PaulaG August 06, 2008

This was marvellous, easy to make and turned out perfectly. The loaf has very good texture and colour, and tastes just as it should, we enjoyed this and I will make it again. NB I added dried milk powder in place of the bread enhancer, I used 1 teaspoon (5ml), for every cup of flour. Thanks, Chef Dee :D

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Karen Elizabeth August 03, 2008
Bread Machine Sourdough