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Our NEW FAVORITE pizza crust! DH and I grind our own wheat so I've been on the hunt for Whole Wheat recipes to incorporate in to our lives. Based on another reviewers suggestion I used 4 cups of Whole Wheat , 1/4 Cup Gluten and upped the water a tad. I did NOT add honey though as the other reviewer did. Once the dough setting on my bread maker was complete I pulled the mixture out and realized there was a LOT of dough so I divided in half. Oiled my 16" pizza pan with olive oil and dusted with corn meal. Rolled out the dough then hand stretched to fit the pan. Sauced then topped with half and half toppings according to our likes and added 8 ounces of Mozzarella and a sprinkling of good Parmesan. Baked for 14 minutes but it wasn't enough for my liking so I baked another 4 minutes. The outside crust was crispy and the inside was soft and chewy. Even though I really enjoyed it I still prefer a little crispier crust so I think next time I will pre-bake for just a few minutes before topping and baking again. By the time I got the finished pizza in the oven I noticed my remaining half of dough had developed a dry skin. I gave it a good rub with olive oil, put it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. I'll update next week as to how it turns out but now I know to take care of the extra dough first. Thank you for sharing and thanks to the other chef who gave the pointers on using 100% Whole Wheat! We LOVED this!UPDATE: The frozen dough was just as good as the first time around!

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SloppyJoe May 01, 2010

This was good. Here are a few options that I did. I divided the dough into small portions for small individual pizzas. Baked the dough for a few minutes in the oven, cooled, then put in the freezer. The personal pan size are great to just pull out froozen, thaw in the micro, top, and bake..Quick and simple.

Also, I have split the dough in half, and froze the dough ball. Thawed it out to room temp, was ready to roll out and bake. Tasted fresh.

I have also added flax seed to the dough.


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Yaabird February 27, 2011

great recipe - the texture is perfect. I saw a recipe once that added some italian herbs to the crust so I tried that...it was awesome. I actually used a mixture called pizza seasoning, about a teaspoon, and added a couple cloves of minced garlic. You can eat the dough by itself all day long. thanks!

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nbjmiller March 09, 2011

Excellent! I made spinach calzones with this dough recipe and the changes I made were 4 cups whole wheat flour instead of 2/2, added 1/4 cup vital wheat gluten, 2-1/4 tsps. yeast, 1/4 cup more water and 2 tbs. honey to offset the wheat taste for different family members. I got 12 calzones out of this dough and my family grabbed every one of them as they were coming out of the oven and then asked me when was I going to be making more! Great recipe! Thanks for posting!

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Mavis S. May 13, 2007

Loved this recipe!! I added honey as well and a little more salt- I prebaked it for about 5 min. to give a crisper crust! I also made one for my little boy who can't have dairy- this crust works great! I just used Daiya "cheese" on the top- husband gives it 5 stars as well. Next time I will roll it out a bit thinner, it still was great though!

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Korissacook March 19, 2011

This is one of our new favorites. I add about 1-2 TBS of Parmesan and 1-2 cloves minced garlic to make it even more savory.

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Rene1980 May 17, 2009

I made this for my HS nutrition classes and they all loved it. Then I made it for family and friends and got raving reviews from all. If I could rate it multiple times I would. Definately a keeper.

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Rachel #9 January 19, 2009

Yum! This pizza dough was wonderful. I found that it needed a little more water (maybe a few tablespoons), and I also added two tablespoons of Italian seasoning to the dough while it was mixing in the machine. It rose up beautifully and made a wonderful pizza. I am making another batch in the machine right now that I plan on making into breadsticks. I also added five cloves of fresh chopped garlic to the mixture. Yum! Thank you and may Jesus bless you! :)

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Coveredinharmony January 13, 2009

Good crust, I use a breadmaker and sometimes add a teaspoon of sugar or garlic powder. I love that it is versatile, you can pat it thick or pretty thin. I do not notice a strong whole wheat taste like some commenters, but I eat quite a bit of it (I have read that adding a teaspoon of orange juice as part of the water will help). The dough freezes well, I portion it for individual pizzas. I would suggest precooking the crust for 5-7 minutes if your sauce is thin, for thick crust or if you are using a lot of veggies that excrete liquid when cooked, especially fresh tomatoes. Once I forgot the olive oil and put some on the crust before cooking - it was more crispy on the exposed crust and the texture was slightly less like pizza crust, not bad, but not as good as usual.

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lightlovebeing April 25, 2015

Awesome! For some reasons, I had to add almost 1/3 cup of water. Turned out fabulous. Simple, quick (1 hour 15 min in my machine). Need a big bread maker.

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Anoushka May 11, 2014
Bread Machine Pizza Dough With Whole Wheat Flour