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Great bread machine version of Moravian sugar cake. This is not just any coffee cake. It is a very old tradition of early American Christians who settled in parts of Pennsylvania and North Carolina (primarily Winston-Salem, NC and Bethlehem, PA). The icing is not traditional based on what I know. I've never seen icing on a sugar cake in Winston-Salem, NC (and I've been eating sugar cake for over 30 yrs). I didn't and wouldn't bother with the icing. There's plenty of sweetness without it !!!! This cake is very, very sweet. If you want it slightly less sweet, add a little extra cinnamon (maybe 1/2 teaspoon) and reduce the brown sugar you sprinkle on top. It will still be awesome! Don't be perfectionistic about putting the dough in the pan...it is supposed to be the consistency the author says it should be. Try to get it to stick to the sides of the pan a bit as you spread it out and it will stay put better. It doesn't have to be perfectly even b/c you are going to punch holes in it and douse it w/ brown sugar & butter anyway...so not to worry. Other wonderful Moravian treats are their cookies and their love feast buns.

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alcatrecipes December 16, 2010

Excellent, more convenient recipe! Being from Winston-Salem I didn''t use the icing either; only the traditional brown sugar topping. Met my craving for home! Thank you!!!

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thedixongang December 27, 2010

So easy and SO good!

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akennedy December 25, 2008

My favorite coffee cake recipe ever! I've been making this for years, often for our church coffee hour. You can make it the night before (cover/refrig) and next morning let rise, then poke holes, sprinkle sugar/cinn. mixture and bake. I use 1/4 cup melted butter and find it's plenty. Tip: 5/8 cup= 10 tbs. water. Thanks Mary, for posting. Roxygirl

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Roxygirl in Colorado April 17, 2008

A very soft, loose, sticky dough. The direction state to place on a floured counter top and doesn`t say if to roll it! Which would not be possible because the dough is very soft and sticky. As for stretching it it is more like playing with it to get over the whole pan. I did add some flour to make it work a little easier but hisated to add to much. This is so very airy and light. Sweet and cinnamony! I loved it. Thanks!

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Rita~ April 16, 2008

great breadcake, slightly dense and chewy texture, and still great warmed up next day. Did not seem to rise much in bread machine or later in baking tin, but did on baking in oven. I will do again.

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morvahboy April 09, 2006
Bread Machine Moravian Sugar Cake