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This recipe is amazing! I used whole wheat flour and did need to add a little more water as it mixed in the machine, but probably not much more than an ounce. Very pleased with the results!

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stellacarina02_1829701 December 21, 2012

This was very good, we used it instead of our usual challah because it calls for 2 eggs instead of 6. It isn't quite the same, but it is a good substitute if you aren't up for using 6 eggs. Subtly sweet and great texture. Thanks!

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lolablitz December 26, 2011

There seems to be an error, maybe in the transition from recipezaar to food.com, but the amount of water shows as 1 7/8 cups (WRONG) instead of 7/8 cups (RIGHT) - which is why the previous commenter may have failed. Request for correction was submitted.

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yarotman September 07, 2010

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've made tons of things in my bread machine over the years and this was the ultimate disaster. I tried this recipe twice - first time I think my yeast was too old. Second time, with new yeast, this rccipe spilled out of the baking can and all over my machine. The dough was drippy and not dense enough to make into a braid. I will go back to my usual recipe.

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Buttercup1872 September 06, 2010

Great big beautiful high rising challah with perfect texture. I too braided mine & the dough was a dream to work with. Rose beautifully after braiding & looked bakery perfect coming out of the oven with its egg wash. Skipped the sesame. Perfect for sandwiches, toast, French toast - it was gobbled in 2 days (made a 20 inch loaf!). Thanks for the keeper Kitchen maniac - making another loaf right now!

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Buster's friend January 03, 2010

This recipe really delivers a beautiful, silky dough. I did not have to adjust any of the ingredients. I followed the instructions exactly.

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Marie Nixon December 29, 2009

Really good challah! It's not quite as eggy as the ones I like from the bakery, but I'll fiddle with that next time and see if I can get it right. Dough was silky and easy to work with after the cycle on the bread machine was over. I did cut this in three and make a braided loaf that I just let rise on a silicon lined baking sheet. I also sprinkled with rolled oats instead of sesame. Smelled so good I couldn't wait for it to cool before trying some... Will definitely keep this in the rotation, as challah makes the absolute best french toast and now I don't have to go to the bakery when I've got a craving!

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Queen Roachie August 19, 2009

Challah in a bread machine? Sheer lunacy! NOT! I was set to make my grandmothers recipe which requires no kneading - just stirring up the dough in a bowl but this sounded even easier and had great reviews. I gave up using my bread machine because I can't stand the silly shape of the loaf and the hit or miss results, so it's been in the back of a cabinet for a long time. I usually use my stand mixer to knead dough and my oven's proofing setting for the rising. This sounded interesting and I was chasing my 2 little Evilitos around the house so I decided to let the bread machine do all the work (90 minute dough cycle) and punched the dough down on a floured board, cut it into 3 pieces (the dough was perfectly elastic and not at all sticky), rolled them out a little to get the right length, braided the loaf together, tucked the ends under and placed it gently into a greased loaf pan. I covered it with a damp towel and let it rise in my oven set on the proofing cycle (I think it maintains 100 degrees with a pan of hot water on the bottom shelf). I'm not sure how long - maybe an hour of rising time but it rose to an enormous loaf! Instead of the milk I brushed it with an egg wash just before baking and sprinkled on sesame seeds. the loaf was done in 35 minutes. The texture was perfect and it tasted really good. I can only suggest maybe increasing the eggs for a richer taste, but this was good enough. Next time I may skip the pan altogether and place the braided dough on a baking sheet to rise for a more natural loaf. This was incredibly easy and the results were beyond outstanding. I can't recommend this highly enough. If you are looking for an easy,impressive and delicious challah you have to make this. Thanks Maniac!

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Evil Genius December 11, 2007

Very light and fluffy, beautiful presentation and a sweet tender taste. Will make again, thanks!

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kaec October 19, 2007
Bread Machine Kneaded Challah