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I left out the yeast after the first batch went funny and would only burn not dry.
Have now made multiple batches for a fund-raiser. Easy to make and the dogs that have tried them cannot get enough of them.

I've substituted Hemp oil (needed to use some up), Parmesan cheese for the garlic (conflicting advice about whether dogs should or shouldn't have garlic) and rolled oats instead of Bulgar (no Bulgar on hand)and the biscuits went down fine style.

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Canwi March 07, 2011

This recipe is excellent and using the bread maker to mix a heavy dough is pure genius. I, like the other reviewers tinkered with the recipe a bit. I substituted rolled oats for the bulgar/7 grain flour. I also threw in a bit of parmesan cheese instead of the garlic powder as I did not have any. My biscuits took a bit longer to baked than the recipe said- that is most likely a function of how thick you roll the biscuits. Once they were baked I simply turned the oven OFF and left the entire batch in the oven overnight. They turned out nice and crispy. the pups were pleased with the result. My dogs and I recommend you try these.

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Chef Regina V. Smith August 18, 2007

Great recipe! Added grated parm, and fresh cheddar. Dogs LOVED them!

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jessicapower1 December 16, 2013

This is an excellent recipe! I make dog biscuits for five dogs, so they keep me busy. Often I make triple batches, and store in emptied plastic coffee containers, so when I am ready, it's quicker.

Several options for substituting! I have used coconut oil, coconut dried powder, ground flax seeds,along with oats or 12-grain cereal, or whatever is available. When making a lot of batches, I keep an egg wash available to brush on them, and they look like fancy store bought biscuits.
Sometimes I roll them out in shapes, or braided, and often add peanut butter, then roll and seal. One of my dogs always sits by the stove, smelling the biscuits as they bake.

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roberto's mom January 17, 2011

Great Recipe and fun to make too! I used organic 7 grain cereal in place of the bulgar and bran but otherwise follwed the recipe exactly. Turned out great! Tasted like a graham cracker with a touch of beef... (umm.. woof?) It tooks the pups a few of them to figure it out but now they can't get enough! Thanks!!!

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Travis H. May 18, 2006

~~~Tail wagging good~~~ Made it easy using the bread machine. I subbed 8 grain cereal for the bran and bulgur and added some beef. Rolled it out on a foil-lined jelly roll pan and scored before baking to make rectangles. Kind of soft, but I don't think they'll last long enough to worry about it.

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cheryl March 04, 2006

Thanks so much for a wonderful fur-baby dog biscuit recipe Riff! Brandy my little poodle really enjoyed (and so did his little girlfriend too LOL!) I added about 2 Tbsp brown sugar, and some finely grated carrots to the mixture. I did roll them out very thin and I left them in the oven to dry out until they were crispy. I would never think of making dough in the bread machine for dog treats, what a wonderful idea, and I will be making these again....Brandy (and friend) thanks you so much..rolling over and Woofwoof!!, and I thank you also....Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz July 14, 2004

I went on a dog biscuit baking binge yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I subbed half of the all-purpose flour with soy flour for extra protein, and I added one medium carrot, coarsely grated. I think I rolled them out a little too thick because after they were baked they were probably 1" thick. This made them turn out pretty moist. I am letting them sit out to dry out some more. My dog and my daughter's dogs loved them. We will be making them often.

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Donna M. January 04, 2004
Bread Machine Dog Biscuits