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i need to change my review! These buns really are the best!! i used the brown sugar instead of white for the syrup and it turned out PERFECT.( i was also careful to only boil for a minute, i think i boiled to long the first time, and that made the syrup go hard.) I might make a little more for this next batch, because its just so good! I have been putting rasins inside, rolling it up and putting it in the fridge overinght to rise. the rasins are nice and soft from sitting in the dough all night, and in the morning i just pop them in the oven for my family for breakfast. What a treat!!!

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integrity1st November 03, 2004

Excellent recipe -- a keeper. I changed it slightly though since I keep kosher and do not wish to have a dairy bread machine. I left out the lowfat milk powder and water and replaced it with soymilk equal in amount to the water. I also used margarine instead of butter. I can only imagine how good this must be with butter!!! Anyhow, it came out PERFECTLY. I didn't have to add more flour or more water to the dough. It was extremely easy to make. I also used glazed pecans since I didn't have any plain ones. It only made things more sinful :). I have used other bread machine sticky bun recipes before, but this one I think is AMAZING. Thanks for sharing.

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Funkymunky613 January 04, 2015

Oh, my, such a lovely, lovely recipe! From the absolutely perfect dough, to the lip-smackingly perfect syrup, and perfect directions - this is one of those stunners that makes everyone think you've been toiling in the kitchen for hours, when your breadmachine has been doing the work! I should note that I did use more pecan halves in the bottom of the pan than called for, probably close to double, to completely cover the bottom. I did also make an additional batch of that decadent syrup, too, as after preparing it for my work, and noting that everyone was looking for any extra drops in the pan, figured having extra on hand would be a good idea - and so it was, as only a drop remained. I had many requests for the recipe, and even made it again for my husband's work after it went over so well at mine. My only grief is that my bread machine kneaded itself off the counter while preparing the second batch for Phil's work this morning (entirely my fault) - and so while I can certainly assure you that this recipe can be prepared in a KA, or by hand, I'm now left to the (NOT) unfortunate task of getting the Zojirushi bread machine I've been lusting after! Thank you PanNan, for sharing these rolls with us - they are so absolutely wonderful! A real treat to prepare for those you'd like to make feel extra special. :o)

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Katzen October 21, 2012

i prepared this as directed but it came out with a hard texture and didn't rise to be as spongy-ish. 2 reasons i think this happened: 1) upon comparing it with similar recipes, i noticed that it states 1.25 t. of yeast, but i think it should have read 1.25 oz of yeast. similar recipes call for 2.25-2.5 t. of yeast, which is equivalent to 1.25 oz. i haven't tested this, but you may want to keep this in mind. 2) i also noticed that it called for 4.25 c. of bread flour, but most recipes i've seen usually call for 3 c., max of maybe 3.5 c. especially for a bread machine (i have a Sunbeam). i use the syrup recipe for the glaze from this, and it comes out great. the filling appears to be similar to other recipes like this one for pecan buns.

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cheffychic January 21, 2009

Very good like the ones I had when I was a kid. That was several years ago. My family loved them, we had these for a Sunday breakfast, I made them the day before and stored them in the fridge. Thanks so much PanNan

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erscott55 January 15, 2008

This was my first attempt at bread machine cinnamon buns. I loved them. I actually took them to a bake sale at work. I used chopped pecans (didn't have any halves). The dough was perfect and were they ever sticky, gooey, and GOOD. Thanks for the keeper PanNan. Sue

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SweetSueAl March 20, 2007

These were delicious!! They were sticky, gooey, and oh so yummy. I used bread flour instead of all-purpose and also baked them at 350ºF for 25 to 30 minutes. I wanted to save time in the morning, so I made the dough the night before in the bread maker, put it in a greased, covered bowl, and put it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, I let the dough sit on the counter for a few hours to bring it to room temp. and then proceeded with the recipe as written. My family loved these and claimed this recipe a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

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Bayhill August 19, 2006

This is the best Cinnamon Buns I have ever made! They rose up so high in the oven and they tasted so sweet, and so moist nothing you can say bad about them. A simple yet unbelievale treat! Thank you for sharing

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kristalle March 29, 2004
Bread Machine Cinnamon-Pecan Buns