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Made these strictly for my hubby so no nuts, otherwise they were made right by the recipe. He said to see if I could manage to get 10 stars listed, lol. That said, I found no problem at all with the dough. It was soft out of the bread machine and it allowed me to hand press and stretch it to size (can't find my rolling pin!) with more ease than I would have expected. The rolls baked up beautifully and the finished product was very tender and yummy. Of course, the sides next to the pan are crusty but you can't avoid that.......well, maybe you could if a microwa........nope, I don't think even that would yield soft edges. Katzen, this recipe makes truly scrumptious cinnamon raisin buns. I'll be keeping it safe because I know that DH will be asking about them again. He's downed 2 thus far but the evening is far from over, lol.

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Annacia September 04, 2011

I can really confirm Annacia's review! The dough was easy to work and veeery soft after baking.
Really no problems at all. The dought was not too sweet, which was perfect with the sweet crust.
I did not have halved walnuts, as I used mine that I cracked myself.
It's really importanto to loose the borders and turn on a plate. The crust is delicious!
Thanks Katzen for this recipe!
Note:I suppose the yeast of the previous reviewer was old or not active any more.

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awalde January 24, 2012

Bread was tough, hard to chew.

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LisaCanCook June 16, 2011
Bread Machine Cinnamon Buns With Walnuts & Raisins