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Change yeast to 2 tsp. Change sugar to 1 Tbs. Katzen was right. The original recipe will yield a loaf that rises too high. This will result in spill-over, sinking, and possibly uncooked center. I read Katzens review too late for my first loaf, but the second loaf is super-tasty. Thank you Katzen for your input. No more wasted EXPENSIVE buckwheat flour. This is a GREAT tsting, great-textured loaf if one makes the necessary changes to the original recipe. You will not be disappointed.

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jgunn03 August 12, 2016

Well, this recipe sure was a labour of love. Or determination! On my first attempt, I tried my usual bread machine trick, where I use the machine for the kneading part, and then bake the bread in a bread pan in the oven. This dough is too delicate for that, and didn't recover from the move. On attempt two, I opted to allow the bread machine to cycle through completely. Unfortunately, kelly's comments were quite right - it rose too high, even in my 2lb bread machine, and touched the top, which caused the middle to fall, and the dough to mushroom out over the sides. Well, feeling determined, and intrigued by the lovely flavour of this bread, I tried agian. On my third attempt, I reduced the sugar to 1 tbsp, and the yeast to 2 tsp. That was the ticket!!! Out came a beautiful and delicious loaf, quite worth the effort. So, you will see in my picture of two loaves, attempt two on the right, and attempt three on the left. Thanks, mersaydees, for a lovely tasting loaf, and a challenge, too! Made for PAC Fall 2009.

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Katzen September 15, 2009

Other than the centre not rising and the bubbling, burning overflow into the rest of my machine, I thought the bread had great potential. It's not your all American bread, and when toasted with butter the buckwheat flavour really comes out, which I did like. I also liked the flavour of the darker crust, which I would imagine more of the bread would have tasted like if it had properly finished the cycle. I used whole wheat bread flour along with the buckwheat and put my machine on grains for the extra 1hour - this did not help the rising situation. I think this could be good bread with some adjustments, unless it was my mistake. I would also suggest a lighter than whole wheat bread flour or regular white bread flour instead of whole wheat to encourage the flavour of the buckwheat.

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kelly in TO July 27, 2008
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