Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

I never thought I would see a recipe for this - a yummy brioche done entirely in the bread machine. This is wonderful for making French toast. Baking time is according to your machine's cycle.

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  1. Add all ingredients except the butter to your bread machine in the order suggested by manufacturer and process on the basic bread cycle.
  2. Cut the butter into tablespoon size pieces.
  3. About 10 minutes before the end of your first kneading cycle, begin adding the butter, 1 tablespoon each minute.
  4. Do not rush it.
  5. Let the machine continue its process.
  6. After bread is baked and at the end of the entire cycle, let the brioche cool in the OPENED machine about 20 minutes.
  7. This will keep the sides firm while the center stays moist.
Most Helpful

The bread was tasty, however the recipe was a little vague as to what sized loaf to set my machine at. Also, my machine's first kneading cycle is less than 10 min long, so adding the butter was an exercise in guessing.

Cookin Up Love September 02, 2012

Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I fell in love with being able to buy a loaf of brioche while living overseas but can't seem to do so here at home. Now I have a simple, easy and delish option for home. Like a couple of other reviewers I did wonder about how this would turn out with so little flour - but it's magic! Just use a light crust setting though, the sugar and butter content makes it darken up very quickly.

LouCooks July 02, 2010

My go to recipe! For adding butter I actually let the machine run the first kneading cycle, which is approximately 10 minutes, without any butter. Then I restart the whole cycle again while adding butter very slowly from the first kneading to the second kneading. This actually makes the final product so incredibly moist yet with almost a flaky crust. It's amazing.

Chimei S. February 26, 2015