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Finally--homemade bagels that are actually thick enough to slice! These are easy, and very tasty. I sprinkled half of them with poppy seeds and half with minced onion. It's unfortunate that there's no baking time listed. Even though baking times are only a guideline, I could have used that guideline. I had to rely on guesswork, and ended up having to put the bagels back in the oven because they weren't done. I would say somewhere between 30-40 minutes would be right. I also think the water, sugar and cornmeal should have been listed in the ingredients (or near the top since they shouldn't be included in the nutritional analysis). I knew to use them because I've attempted bagels before, and because I read recipes several times before I make the dish, but an inexperienced baker might have problems. But the bagels are excellent; I might try the recipe with a little rye flour next time. Made for 1-2-3 Hits Tag.

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Chocolatl March 18, 2010

First time making bagels and this was an excellent recipe. The only thing I did differently was to use organic ingredients instead of normal ingredients. Tasted great!

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Ilovemybabybelle June 23, 2013

This is the second time I've made the recipe. Look, it's not knocking my socks off or anything. It's okay. It's close to a bagel. It's tough. It's missing the crispy outside and creamy/chewy inside that makes a bagel really great, though. It's okay. The convienence of a bread machine is a big plus. And they taste good, if not plain.

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Food Snob in Israel February 16, 2011

These are the best ever, most fantastic, super delicious bagels I have ever had....better than Panera even! I have been struggling to find a decent bagel recipe and these are by far the most excellent bagels I have ever tasted! Thank-you so much for a wonderful recipe!

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abigailrose1964@gmail.com January 11, 2011

It was my first time baking bagels. And it was a success. It was easy to do. It's just another time I'll do a bigger hole cause when they rise, the hole dissapeared LOL. I baked them near 35 minutes. They were golden and under they were soft a little bit. I guess that's the way they should be. They were great fresh from the oven and the next morning toasted with butter. Thanks Mary. Made for Photo tag

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Boomette March 02, 2009

I was unsure how long to bake these and really am not sure how long I did bake them. I'm not sure it was long enough. They tasted ok, but I like my local bagel shop's a lot better.

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iris5555 October 16, 2005
Bread Machine Bagels