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Made for ZWT-9 & a fellow Goddess - I had always wanted to make a Braudterta & then came face-to-face w/your recipe in the AP Cookbook. There are actually 2 types of bread used for Braudterta - Loaf-type slices that are filled & layered .. or .. Larger jelly-roll-type slices that are filled & rolled. The jelly-roll-type slice is used more often & all we could find. I made the filling a dy early using Icelandic baby shrimp, chilled it overnight & assembled the terta today about 2 hrs prior to serving at an afternoon coffee for 9 (This prevents the bread from becoming soggy as the terta sits). 1 of the pitfalls of a specialty recipe like this when made by a cook familiar w/the "tricks of the trade" is they are on "auto-pilot" & do what they know to be best. I admit to revising your recipe w/the use of cream cheese. For the filling, I used 1 cup mayo, 1/2 cup sour cream & 1/2 cup cream cheese (same total volume as recipe, but reduces the mayo & sour cream). For the "frosting", I used a combo of mayo & cream cheese w/only a sml amt of sour cream. When chilled, both chgs make the terta less fragile to decorate, slice & serve. Using the curved jelly-roll-type bread limits how you can garnish, so I kept it simple w/a layer of cucumber & egg slices on top & tomato slices served to-the-side. Lastly it was sprinkled w/dry parsley flakes plus Old Bay Seasoning as a matter of pers pref. Bottom Line: We loved it & our guests loved it too. Thx for inspiring me w/your recipe. :-)

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twissis August 13, 2013
Brauoterta - Icelandic Style Sandwich Loaf: Shrimp