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I made this cake for a birthday party my daughter threw for a good friend. I used lemon cake mix, vanilla pudding and Sprite. The only problem I have with this recipe is that there was too much liquid in the cake batter. Between 4 eggs and 12 ounces of soda, as well as the 2/3 cup of oil, the batter was incredibly runny and did not bake properly. I basically had to toss the cake and start from scratch (no pun intended, considering the use of cake mix). I used the same quantity of ingredients, but this time only using about 1/2-3/4 of a cup of Sprite. I didn't measure exactly, just kept adding the soda from the can until the batter was the right consistency for me. With the exception of that one problem that I had with the recipe, this is a good cake. Since I was going for the lemon flavor, I left the cocoa out of the frosting and added some instant vanilla pudding instead. I will make this cake again, but with my own amendments. Thanks for posting, it's a novel recipe!

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Mirj October 23, 2003

I just made this cake. I didn't find it too runny at all. I blended it for five minutes like she said, and it was incredibly moist. The only thing, it didn't taste like dr. Pepper, but, It did taste good. My family really enjoyed it. I think next time, instead of putting cherries around the top, I think I will chop up the cherries and put them in the frosting, especially in the layers. I also used cherry dr. pepper, instead of dr. pepper. couldn't taste it though. It was a fun cake to make though. :)

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bchoy March 24, 2013

I made the Strawberry Soda cake, I used the exact amounts as stated and the cake turned out great both times. Very moist doesn't really need a frosting it can stand on it's own. I used another recipe for the Dr. Pepper cake but since the Strawberry Soda cake turned out so well i will try this one in the future. Again very yummy !!

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MsRobinz December 06, 2007
Brats Dr Pepper Cake