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Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

One way to get shiny results without the chemicals.


  1. Start with a paste of equal parts salt and flour with a few tablespoons of white vinegar.
  2. Apply to your favorite brass candlesticks or copper bowl with a soft cloth and rub.
  3. Rinse with water and dry.


Most Helpful

Thank you very much for posting this amazing homemade copper and brass cleaner! I used it this afternoon on my copper pot that hasn't been cleant in 4 years. Now, after using this cleaner on it, my pot is the cleanest thing you'll see in my house:-)) I used about 12-15 tbsps. of white vinegar, 6 tbsps. of all purpose flour and 6 tbsps. of table salt. Works like a charm! Also, like the other reviewer has said, this is cheap(economical), all the ingredients are so easily available at the supermarket, there is no need to use gloves(infact, I used my fingers to scrub this cleaner on the pot- but be careful if you have an open cut then it'll burn because of the white vinegar)and it was ready in no time! I am in love with this recipe;-) Thanks again! You have made 4 people in this household impressed and happy with this quick & easy to fix cleaner!

Charishma_Ramchandani September 12, 2003

I just used this to clean my copper cannisters and a copper tea kettle. IT WORKS!!! Took less time than when I used some commercial stuff. LOTS cheaper too. And I didn't have to wear gloves.

seashell September 12, 2003

This worked well. I have some brassware my late husband brought home as a souvenir of the Middle East over 50 years ago. Admittedly, it doesn't look like new even after being polished, but it does look a lot better. I was happy that this cleaner didn't scratch the brass or remove the inlaid colors, either. Thank you for sharing this with us.

mianbao June 23, 2012

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