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I had some difficulty getting these off the baking trays... I didn't bother to try and roll them up, rather I folded them into basket shapes while they were warm and set them into a muffin pan to harden. Later.. they were filled with iceream and strawberries.. yum ! The taste is great, you just *have* to go nibble the broken bits even when you are full to bursting, but I have yet to master getting these off the pan successfully; either they are still a fraction too hot and they crinkle up on themselves , or they are too hard and they stick like glue to the trays coming off only in chips (very tasty chips though, I must add). Nothing wrong with this recipe other than my lack of expertise... the ginger snaps that made it into basket form looked impressive. These are wonderfully yummy, please see my rating system for an excellent 4 stars ! Thanks for a great recipe Jan !!!

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kiwidutch February 17, 2006

i love these and use them to make my mystery dessert which is hot and cold, and crunchy and smooth - a brandy snap basket filled with a scoop of vanilla and and a scoop of chocolate ice cream topped with hot chocolate fudge sauce!

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imnoy February 05, 2005
Brandy Snaps