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My stew-loving husband adored it! This was my first attempt at making a stew without using the crock-pot. I don't think I'll ever go back. We all liked the consistency of the gravy of this recipe than all the crock-pot recipes I've tried. The brandy added an interesting heat/bite. It was very subtle, but there. I think next time I'll try red wine just to see what the difference is. I used top sirloin cut into rather large chunks, baby carrots and sliced mushrooms. I also added quartered red potatoes. Because of adding the potatoes, I had to double the flour, broth and brandy so everything was covered. Everything was cooked to perfection in the hour and a half called for. I served it with Low-Fat Cornbread. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) February 12, 2014

This was okay, I expected the taste to be richer.

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swiz58 March 11, 2010

Absolutely fabulous!!! The wait while it is simmering and the aromas wafting through your home are SO worth it! Mine thickened JUST right, I was a bit worried as I thought it would never cook down. I could not find small whole mushrooms so I used sliced and it seemed to work out quite well. This just SCREAMS comfort food and would be delicious served with warm bread to catch all the tasty sauce. A repeat for sure at our house, thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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Michelle S. March 12, 2006

A delicious stew that has a nice broth; it is not as thick as many stews, and I found it a nice change -- the broth has great flavor! I used a teaspoon of salt and two garlic cloves, and since I was out of brandy, I used red wine vinegar (1/3 cup), but it worked well. Next time, I try the brandy. My family loved this, especially my husband! Thanks, Ozman, for an easy, great-tasting recipe!

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rochsann November 01, 2005

I was intrigued by the ingredients in this recipe and had to give it a shot. I actually made this one in my slow cooker setting it on low for 8 hours and adding the parsley and mushrooms 20 minutes before serving. Robust and very flavorful. I served this with a simple green salad. We all really enjoyed this one. Thanks Oz!

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Just Cher January 18, 2005
Brandied Beef Stew