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OH MY GOODNESS!! This was so nummy-yummy!! It took me forever due to not being my kitchen or my tools (and chasing around my 5yo and 1yo *grin*), but I started at 2 and we just ate it (not quite completely chilled) at 8:30. This is what my ingredients ended up being after converting to US (and doing some factoring and figuring): 1-1/4lb rome apple 1/2c granulated sugar (plus 3T) 1 inner pkg of graham crackers (minus 1/2 a cracker) 1/2c butter 14 oz cream cheese 3 lg eggs 1-1/4c sour cream 1t vanilla 1T corn starch 12 oz frozen blackberries (we picked from a thornless U-Pick farm!) 2T granulated sugar I had to mix by hand so I creamed the softened cheese and sugar together, then whisked the eggs in a separate bowl. Whisked the first half of sour cream in with the eggs, as well as the vanilla and corn starch. Then added the egg mixture to the cream cheese. Otherwise followed recipe per instructions. Ended up coming out of the oven so late in the day that I got impatient and put it into the fridge once the top was warm to the touch. It ended up cracking and it wasn't completely chilled when we ate it for dessert, but it was super tasty!! Can't wait to eat some more tomorrow!! Only thing I'd do different is the stewed berries; I'd actually stew them down to syrup and remove the seeds. Matter of personal preference; I remove the cherries and strawberries from those respective cheesecakes as well. *grin* Having never made a cheescake before, I intend to make this the day before I want to eat it. *grin*

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O-mama October 23, 2006
Bramley Apple Cheesecake With Stewed Blackberries