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This is my new favorite recipe. Wow. Made this last night for our best friends, and all of us were totally blown away by the flavors, the moistness of the meat, the thickness of the sauce, and the overall savory, sensational taste of this dish. I made this exactly as directed, EXCEPT I forgot to drain the fat before adding the veggies, but I was lucky and had a lean roast. This is a great company dinner, and I guess it would make for some divine leftovers...if there ARE any, that is! My roast was almost 3 pounds, and I braised it about 1 hour, 25 minutes, and it was just perfect. This one is a definite "go to" recipe for us now, Bergy. DH asked me today if we could have it again over the weekend (LOL). As you can see, it was a real hit with us. Delicious, and definitely 5-star!

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Lizzie-Babette October 31, 2003

The meat was wonderful. My guys devoured it! The sauce had a bitter taste to it they didn't like, which was probably the juniper berries. I will do this again, but I think I will put the berries in cheesecloth so I can pull them out before making the sauce. Thanks for sharing!

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Mrs. Moon September 21, 2009

Scrumptous! and, I used canned - repeat - canned veggies. I'll bet it would out of this world with fresh stuff. Thanks, Bergy!

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Jahoody January 05, 2009

Never having tasted junipers before, I was very excited to try this recipe. The meat was perfectly done, very tender and succulent but the combination of flavours was just not to my family's tastes. In our opinion the juniper left an unpleasant, somewhat bitter after taste...Don't think I'll be trying junipers again but I'm sure this is an excellent recipe for anyone who does like >them.

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WizzyTheStick November 16, 2006

Extra-ordinary. Easy to make and soooo good! I used Guinness Draft (15 oz can) I used the entire can because my roast was about 2-1/4 lbs.and therefore increased the juniper berries by 2 and cloves by 1 was also extra generous with veggies. I served with mashed potatoes (for the wonderful sauce) and steamed, buttered cabbage. Yummy!

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Texas Pepper February 21, 2006

This is very much comfort food! It kind of took me and my husband by surprise, because we'd been eating a lot of spicy dishes. It's not quite bland, but it's definitely not spicy. Since we can't stop eating it, I guess I've got to give it 5 stars! Other than using about 1 pound and a half pork, and adding the extra ounce of beer that was in the can, I followed the recipe strictly. If I hadn't been trying to behave, I think I would have added some garlic, some tomato, I don't know what. But this is very satisfying just like it is. Thank you for the recipe.

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mianbao October 31, 2004
Braised Pork With Beer & Juniper Berries