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Absolutely wonderful! The cooking method left the meat ever so tender and the wine / port combination gave a great depth to the sauce. One change I did make though was to blend in a tablespoon of flour and a little water at the end to thicken the sauce more, it tasted so great is seemed a shame not to make it a little thicker so it stuck to everything more and I loved it in more of a gravy consistency.

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Peter J May 10, 2008

I hope you don't mind, but I was looking for a recipe to use some good quality lamb pieces I had and chose yours - and I am so glad I did. I also added some potato chunks - to stretch it - and served over rice. This dish is really delicious - I think the coating of freshly ground cumin and corianer seeds is vital. Can't wait to try with lamb shanks!

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Shazzie November 23, 2008

Absolutely wonderful!!! The cooking time was spot on for tender fall off the bone lamb shanks. I loved the addition of the port. I also thickened at the end to make a gravy like Peter had suggested, I used a combination of cornflour and bisto gravy granules. I loved this recipe and it will definitely be one I will be making again. A great post Jewelies..

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The Flying Chef September 09, 2008

After Peter's review, I just had to try this recipe. We've talked about having lamb shanks for years, but this was my first attempt - I'm so glad I waited until now. I only cooked them for 2 hours & they were lovely & tender, but I think they could have stood being in the oven for another 30 minutes or so. Served with Green Beans With Bacon and Shallots and cheesy mashed potato. Thanks Jewelies for sharing this keeper.

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Heydarl May 24, 2008
Braised Lamb Shanks