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An excellent cold weather hearty soup. Exceptional flavor. It tastes like "more please".<br/>I was going to make a Olive Garden knock off Zuppa Tuscano, but then I saw the fat content and sadly turned away. Very glad and excited I found and made this recipe.<br/>A winner in my kitchen for winter months.<br/><br/>I cooked the sausage ahaed of time and then cooled the remaining liquid so I could remove the excessive fat. I used some of it for flavor but was able to educe the overall fat content some by removing about 1/2 of it.<br/>Can be slow cooked in a crock pot but, plan on using 2 crock pots when you make the full recipe.<br/>Use Collards (cheaper) rather than Chard and use 4 cups rather than 3. Excellent flavor.<br/>Add mushrooms at the end when the soup is done cooking and let the residual heat cook them that way they don't cook down as much.<br/>Could use more barley, but add a little more chicken stock if you do.<br/>This is an Andy Griffith, Mmm Mmm good recipe! :-)

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jeffreysk March 20, 2013

Great flavors! I used a chicken garlic parmesan sausage and followed the rest of the recipe as written. Loved the parsnips, it added a bit of sweet to the dish. Nice hearty meal. I will make again!

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Doc's Mom February 15, 2016

Quick, easy and delicious on pot meal. Served with crusty bread and it was very filling!

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Cook4_6 November 17, 2013
Braised Italian Sausage Stew