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This was fantastic thanks Ice Cool Kitty. I made a half recipe using a piece of cheap, small eye fillet so I ended up with small escallops of meat that melted in our mouths when cooked. I also used beef consomme instead of water which gave a wonderful rich flavour to the dish. Russ came home with more mushrooms than I needed, so I cooked them all then reserved a couple of tablepoons of slices to add into the finished sauce. I could eat this again tomorrow night.

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JustJanS October 06, 2009

An easy meal with a bit of elegance. The bacon and the capers really make this dish stand out. We used cubed round, so we didn't cook the meat quite as long. It scaled down well to our two servings. This would probably be a good company dish - not a lot of fussing for more servings, but a little more classy than many one dish meals. The recipe might be easier to follow if the ingredients were in the order they are used in the instructions.

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realbirdlady May 29, 2009
Braised Beef With Caper Sauce