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Everyone thought these looked fantastic! I used a spaetzle maker to squeeze the dough out. I used my cookie scoop to place the dough into it and then squeezed each cookie out individually so that they were all the same size. I formed each group of stands into a loose brain shape and then used a plastic knife to separate the two hemispheres of the brain. The cookies seemed a bit dry but I think I might have overcooked them, plus I like my cookies on the softer side. They were a bit time-consuming but the end product was worth it.

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domesticgothess February 03, 2013

This is a wonderful cookie. I first found this recipe by Emeril Legasse. My daughter was doing a project on Albert Einstein and these cookies were the perfect thing to go along with them. They are a marvelous grey color and hold their shape quite well. I used my cookie press with a plate with large holes in it, then shaped it into a walnut shape. I took a knife and made an indentation down the middle before cooking the cookies. It held up fairly well, but I did use the knife after they came out of the oven to go over the cut again. I opted not to use the ''blood' gel because I wanted mine to look less Halloweenish. I highly recommend making these. They were easy to make and looked just like brains! Thanks for sharing.

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Julie F March 28, 2011
Brain Cookies With Blood Glaze