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Just AWESOME. If you don't know why people in France are the happiest, when they have fish soup, try this one and you will know. It is nothing better than a fish stew like this, a lot of toasted bread, Aioli, and a glass of white wine and pastis. Follow this direction and you will have one of the most flavorful fish soups. I've made it with monk fish, sea perch and some tiger prawns (because I have had them at hand). To thicken the soup with the aioli and egg yolk makes the soup very creamy and of a wonderful smooth consistence. The garlic flavor is not dominating in the soup. Poach the fish as described here and you will have soft but still firm fish pieces. I only can suggest to make this soup for a lot of guests, because it tastes even better with friends around. Toast enough thin sliced french bread. I toast them and let them dry a bit, so that they are very crunchy. Put them in the soup, a wonderful combination. Or use the aioli. I served it with the white wine I used in the soup (Saumur, a dry and light white wine). And of cause don't miss to serve a pastis. Ready for a wonderful french dinner? As I said: just awesome.

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Thorsten July 28, 2007

This recipe is incomplete or back to front, does make sense nor taste very good.

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Matt198069 July 16, 2013

I last ate fish soup in 2001, in Rayol Canadel sur Mer, France, at a small B&B called 'Le Relais des Maures'. (In fact, I just checked, and it's still there .. 1 Avenue Charles Koecklin, 83820 Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer, France). We arrived late in the evening, and past eleven, were served the only remaining offering from the kitchen, Fish Soup. This was the most classic type, with large slices of dried crusty bread offered beside gargantuan garlic cloves. On Sunday past (2012), I woke up with such a craving for this soup...and stumbled upon your recipe.

we read the recipe in a hurry and mistakenly boiled the onions, tomatoes and garlic in HALF a LITRE of OLIVE OIL. once we realized our mistake, i have to admit we were quite worried; but with the price of olive oil, we decided not to start over and simply continued...

We couldn't find monk fish at the local grocery store, but, I assure you, this soup was so authentic and satisfying, even with our flub up, that I was whisked back to Rayol Canadel and will definitely keep this one to impress my friends who might otherwise turn up their noses at the sound of 'fish soup' (yes, admitedly, i have some of those).


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Poots April 17, 2012

this is the most beautiful fish soup ever! i wasnt sure whether it would taste strong enough while making it, but the soup turned out to be very tasty, rich and creamy, and decandent! the veggies definitely need to be sieved out (usually i wouldnt bother, but it`s essential!!), and i would take it easy on the lemon juice in the aioli :) this is the fish soup im making from now on - when i want something satisfying, and when im entertaining!

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lightawake November 10, 2008
Bourride Sètoise - Provence Fish Soup With Aïoli