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This was incredible! I have always shied away from meat tenderizer, thinking it was full of MSG, but I was pleased to read that the McCormick's (which I bought) has the bromelian instead. Alas, I couldn't find top sirloin anywhere, so I had to sub some lovely porterhouse steaks. While garlic butter and side of mushrooms and onions is delicious, the steak can stand on its own, as the marinade is so flavorful! What a delicious meal we had! Thanks for sharing.

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JackieOhNo! October 23, 2011

I made this last night for our dinner party with Applebee's garlic mashed potatoes (Applebee's Garlic Mashed Potatoes (Copycat)) and served it with green beans with a brown sugar glaze. The steak was absolutely phenomenal! Every single person loved it and raved and raved about how amazing it was! This is absolutely just like Applebee's. I would recommend this to anyone, and I will definitely be making this for any special occasion. This recipe is sure to impress!

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Alley Barbie November 08, 2012

Full disclosure- I didn't eat it, but my husband did. He loves the Bourbon Street Steak, so I used this recipe to make a birthday dinner. He prefers NY Strips and it worked out perfectly. He LOVED this steak. He took a bite to "test it" while I finished cooking and half of it was gone before we sat down to eat! I did not grill it, but rather pan seared it and finished it in the oven. I cut the recipe in half for the one steak. Next time I plan to up the spice level a little because his only criticism, or preference rather, was that it need a little more of a kick. I don't think he'll let me marinade steaks any other way from now on!

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crmorr2d October 27, 2013

Wonderful! I made this as directed other than I used a rib eye steak. Very flavorful and the onions and mushrooms were fantastic with this steak. Thanks for sharing another keeper, gailanng. Made for Name That Ingredient Tag.

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lazyme September 18, 2013

Every time my wife and I go to Applebee's just for their Bourbon Street Steaks. I took this recipe and used it for a couple of Sirloins we picked up from Publix. We Grilled them and made up the Mushrooms and Onions, Baby Reds Potatoes and the Garlic Butter drizzle on top of the steaks just as it is in Applebees. The meal was perfect...NOW here is the REAL Knockout....I did the same thing using Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, and another time with Pork Tenderloins.....WOW....both meats marinated fantastically great...and after grilled the tastes were awesome. Just thought I'd share this.

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HAROLD M. May 04, 2015

Great steak! I loved the onion and mushrooms addition The garlic butter was nice, too. The only thing that wasn't perfect, was that the steak was a bit too salty. I'm not sure if that was because of the soy sauce or the meat tenderizer (I couldn't find McCormicks and had to use Adolfs). Everything else was perfect. Thank you!

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LifeIsGood February 14, 2015

Delicious steak! I did mine with filet mignon, and loved it! The mushrooms were perfect, and the garlic butter sauce was the finishing touch. Made for Best of 2014 tag game on Yuku. Thanks for sharing!

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breezermom January 27, 2015

Wonderful steak recipe!!! I just love onions with my steak and DH loves the mushrooms, so this was right up our ally!! I made the marinade as written, except I just gave a couple of shakes of the cayenne pepper and I cut it in half, which was more then enough for our two sirloin steaks. Loved how tender and flavorful the steaks were and to top them off with the garlic butter and onions/mushrooms was just awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe my friend. Made for "Best of 2013 Tag Game".

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diner524 February 04, 2014

This was good but the marinade combination did not go well for us. So strong............I could not find sirloin steaks either so used NY strips and did not think the marinade added much to tenderizing the steaks (but could be our quality of steaks). I marinaded my steaks for about 18 hours. As for the side of onions and mushrooms, we love that with any steak. Thanks for sharing. Made for PRMR

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~Nimz~ November 19, 2011
Bourbon Street Steak