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Of course, I asked her to post this! I had totally no idea how to do it BUT when I heard her passing remark about it, I kept asking her for instructions until I finally got it done. It may seem a small thing but I can tell you it makes a whole world of difference! Mine soaked for about 2 months before I finally had the chance to use it in a Bread Pudding and EVERYONE raved about the pudding!! Told them about the Rum Raisins and they agreed it made the dif. Now I am going to use them whenever I can. The syrup could be stirred into your oatmeal to perk up your morning! Thanks for posting it, Chef Kate! And here are some more stars for ya **********. Oh, I used 1/4 cup of homemade vanilla essence as well as rum. Drool...;-P

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption May 07, 2005

Love this concept. I have had a large jar going for almost a year and have used it in many recipes including rum raisin ice cream and butter pecan bread pudding, yum. These raisin are so potent that I had to cook them down for the bread pudding. I got complaints that guests couldn't drive home after eating the ice cream, but we are lightweights! Thank you for the measurements and advice, its greatly appreciated!

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aHardDaysNight June 26, 2013

I can't wait to make bread pudding with these. But they are a bit strong eaten straight out of the jar. :-) I used Meyer's rum, because I like bread pudding with rum sauce better than with whisky sauce. It is SO easy and they will keep forever. Thanks, Chef Kate!

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BarbryT May 05, 2007
Bourbon (or Rum) Raisins