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This recipe takes a lot of time, but it is more than worth it. I have made about every possible variation of turkey (smoked, roasted, champagne, deep fried, etc) and none of them were as good as this one! It doesn't hurt that my family loves bourbon! This turkey smells like a rickhouse as it cooks, I was ready to go down to Bardstown after cooking this turkey. It is delicious. The meat is so moist and delicious. One variation that I did was brine the turkey prior to marinating it. I used Kirkland (Costco) brand bourbon as it is Knob Creek and it was a fine replacement for Maker's Mark (and cheaper!). My family enjoyed the turkey and appreciated the effort I put into making it. I am already preparing for this year's bird!

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Marc Daege November 07, 2013
Bourbon Drunken Upside-Down Turkey