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What a wonderful recipe! 2Bleu, this will be my late summer/fall go-to pie recipe from now on. I made two bags of apple pie, and have enough for two bags each of pear and peach pies ripening. In the apple pie bags, I did use 1 tsp of cinnamon, as we love it, and ground in 1/4 tsp of fresh nutmeg. After I massaged the mixture in the bag, I tasted an apple slice, and it was delicious! I'll post a picture when I bake a pie. Thanks, 2Bleu! Made for PRMR Tag. Edited on 31-Aug-10 to add: my peaches and pears were ready, so I chunked them up into large chunks, but even with eight large peaches, I still came up shy, so I added in 2 cups of raspberries - that's going to make one super delicious pie! For the pear pie, my pears were from an organic orchard that had gone wild 10 years ago, which also came up shy, so I added in some wild apples to the mix - I can't wait to try that one, either! Bleu, having these ziploc bags of summer ripe and pie ready fruit in my freezer makes winter not seem all that bad.

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Katzen August 31, 2010

Excellent idea for preparing and freezing any fruit or combination of fruits in season for pie fillings, cobblers, tarts, and turnovers too. Instead of kneading the bag with the fruit, I mixed the sugar, flour, cinnamon, salt and butter in a large bowl and tossed the peeled and sliced apples in the mixture gently with a spatula to prevent bruising the fruit. I labeled and dated a zipper plastic bag and filled it with the pie filling mixture. I plan on freezing blueberry and strawberry/rhubarb pie fillings soon.

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foodtvfan June 01, 2011

I live in the Pacific Northwest. I love this recipe. I use it for blackberry, apple, and peach pies.

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Shari Jones July 26, 2014

Fabulous! I made a peach pie with cinnamon and it was just delicious. I topped it with a crumb topping and I can't wait to try it with apples. Made for Please Review My Recipe cooking tag game.

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linguinelisa July 13, 2012

What a great recipe! I tried this last year and I am using it again this year. I buy big bags of "deer apples" in the fall (apples that have hit the ground in the orchards and they can't sell as perfects so the sell them as deer feed) much cheaper than in the stores and I make my pie filling and applesauce from them as they get cut up anyway. Around here deer apples sell for about $7.00 for 25 - 30#. Anyhow this filling is very good... I add a little more cinnemon and nutmeg along with some mace to mine. Thanks for sharing this.

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Northern Star October 01, 2011

There are only two of us and we don't always want to eat the same dessert 3 nights in a row, so I divided in half and put equal amounts into two quart sized zip locks. Thank you 2Bleu for sharing.

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WiGal September 01, 2011

Absolutely wonderful recipe, which I followed right on down when I bought a lot of peaches at one of the local Farmers' Markets! I actually bagged up enough for 3 pies, then decided to make a pie right then & there! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, & I'll be keeping your recipe close at hand throughout the summer! Thanks for posting it! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike June 26, 2011
Bountiful Harvest (Shake N Bake) Fruit Pie Filling