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MY family has always loved my sweet potatoes as they were...but I LOVE Boston Market sweet potatoes...so I was really glad to find this recipe. I basically just make my sweet potatoes as I always have...which uses more butter, more vanilla, a healthy dose of cinnamon and I use half brown and half white sugar, plus a couple tsp of lemon juice. An old souther lady I used to work with taught me how to make them and they really are super that way. Anyway...I dice up my potatoes and actually cook them in all of the ingredients plus a little bit of water in the pan to get things started. Then I use the mixer to mash em up good...add a couple eggs and top with the topping...bake...and spend the next two days arguing with my daughter that she can't live on sweet potatoes. They really are superb.

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SkrewzieQ November 27, 2008

I made this for my family for Thanksgiving, and they all loved it, so I made it for my husband's family for Christmas. They loved it too! Four stars because I halved the sugar in the potatoes and the topping - it was still incredibly sweet so I can't imagine it with all the sugar!

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Kate C December 26, 2008

Great recipe! Substituted marshmallows for pecans.

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Purpleviolet516 November 14, 2012

Whoa! Made this for thanksgiving and it was incredible! I used crushed slivered almonds instead of pecans since one of my guests was allergic and it was still a dinner favorite!
Leftovers were awesome, as well! I will be making this again and again!

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fishheath November 27, 2011

I put about 3/4 cups of sugar and used 4 sweet potatoes and they were still very good! Thanks for posting this recipe

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West Coast Leah December 15, 2010

Thanks for posting this. Here"s what I do a little different. The amount of topping will vary with your pan of choice, I use a gratin pan so as to get more streusel. More topping the better in my opinion with just three inches of sweet potatoes beneath. If you boil your sweet potatotos with a quartered orange, 1 t salt, and half cup of brown sugar, you shouldnt need any sugar in the sweet potato mixture. I add 1/2 cup of cream and reduce the butter in the sweet potato mixture and only use one egg. I also forgo the vanilla but thats just because I cant tell the difference when its there or no. If they still seem dry, you can add some of the cooking liquid which is rich and flavorful. Really 1 t of salt is also needed in the bottom layer to bring out the flavors of the potatos, IMO. Personally I also like a little msg along with the salt. It rounds the flavor and enhances the overall quality of the dish.

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MM Margoulette November 26, 2009

I have had the Boston Market version and it is definitely sweet (almost dessert-like). I had been advised to not add any sugar to the potatoes and to make the crunch topping as described and that they would turn out great and not too sweet. Much better in my opinion! I mashed the sweet potatoes and added the butter and some salt and pepper to taste and they were perfect with the sweet crunch topping. Everyone loved them!

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emily.mcdonough December 01, 2008

Very good and sweet. I will probably reduce the butter just a little next time. I also used margerine instead of butter (for a lactose intolerant relative). Still very good. My husband even complimented me, and that doesn't happen often!

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jbw2106 November 29, 2008

Made this for christmas and my gf who came for dinner wanted the recipe. This was wonderful. I have another friend who had the recipe and she suggested which I did was to add one stick of butter and one cup of rolled oats to the topping. Thank you for a great recipe that will be made again. Wonderful!

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faith58 December 26, 2007

Wow... was this SWEET. I only had a round casserole, and the topping was piled almost 2 inches high! Next time, I will definitely put it in a shallower, larger casserole so that the topping is spread a bit thinner. But it is absolutely the closest thing to Boston Market I've tried so far. Thanks so much for posting it!

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SheCooksToConquer November 25, 2007
Boston Market - Sweet Potato Casserole