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If you like Boston Market's Cranberry Relish then THIS IS IT! It tastes exactly like theirs only you made it! I have tried other cranberry relish recipes claiming to be like theirs but only this one replicates it and it is the BEST - I have ben making this for the past 5 years and all of my dinner guests absolutely rave about it and always want this recipe. P.S. Where it says to cut the cranberries in 2 or 3 pieces - be sure to do it even though it takes a few minutes longer- I cut them in half and it does seem to make a smoother less chunky cranberry sauce.

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aprmcke November 25, 2013

I haven't had Boston Market Cranberry Sauce before so I gave it a try. It tasted pretty good. Thanks Starfire(aka Wendy) Bullwinkle.

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bullwinkle December 27, 2007
Boston Market Cranberry Sauce