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I was so excited to see this recipe, as my daughter LOVES Boston Market. She mixed it together and made it herself (She's 9). After reading the other reviews, we decided to reduce the number of eggs to 4, bake them in cupcake pans, and we used a regular yellow cake mix. They were sweet but not too sweet, and the texture was just right...still moist, but they didn't fall apart if you buttered it, and it didn't lose the cornbread texture totally. That having been said, next time I will reduce the heat to 325 and bake for about 30 mins in the cupcake pans...we had several that were perfect on top, but the bottoms were overdone. Delicious, and tasted great with a bowl of homemade veggie soup!

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terirose22 October 21, 2008

The only word I can use to describe this cornbread is Fantastic!! It is light density bread that taste just like what you get from Boston Market. The only thing that is missing was the corn but that was ok with my three children. I loved the idea that it made 36 muffins. I was able to freeze the extra for another day. I would recommmend checking your muffins after 20 minutes. Mine got done in that time. A nice light brown crust and very moist. Also, don't fill the muffin cups to the top. I highly recommend these. Thanks for posting.

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Audrey M April 07, 2003

I've made this recipe several times now. I serve some muffins with my chili and then freeze the rest for later, which is usually enough for 3 or 4 more meals. This last time I added only 1 cup of water and after my batter was mixed I stirred in 1 15-ounce can of creamed corn, and they turned out excellent! I did have to bake for 25 minutes though. Great recipe LauraTracey!!!

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PuglyDuckling December 13, 2003

This recipe is simply fabulous. I made it for an office potluck and it's gone. As suggested by the previous reviews, I cut the water to 1 cup and added a can of creamed corn. For my own spin, I used 2 + 1/2 boxes of Jiffy, and threw in a handful of canned corn and another handful of cornmeal, just to make sure we knew the difference between cornbread and "cake." I probably used a an extra splash of milk. I actually was able to use most of the batter in one shot because I cooked this in a huge black cast iron skillet. Also melted another 1/2 stick of butter in the pan before pouring in the batter to give it a golden crunchy crust. If you have leftover batter, this also makes FABULOUS pancakes!

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GotTheItis February 12, 2010

This was so good my SO considered it dessert! Great flavor and texture. I used five mini loaf pans -- could possibly have made it six, instead -- one was a little fuller and ran over in the oven. Otherwise, I didn't change a thing with this recipe. Thanks for posting -- it will be a regular with our chili this winter!

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PhylPhyl July 30, 2003

This makes just a HUGE recipe. I made it in my gigantic cast iron skillet, and it was still very thick, but as good as it is, that's OK. A wonderful taste, very light texture. My husband actually made himself ill he ate so much of it. Excellent recipe.

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Bogey'sMom March 25, 2003

I gave it 5 stars, but I changed the recipe to my taste. Cake mix is now 15.25 oz. size. To this, I added 1/2 cup coarse ground cornmeal, 1 14.5oz. can creamed corn and 1 small white onion, chopped. Reduced water to 1 cup. Poured into 9 x 13 pan. Baked for 35 minutes til golden brown. Noticed that cornbread was still jiggly in the middle so I covered cornbread with aluminum foil and gave it 25 minutes more. Cornbread came out solid, dense and moist. Will try to reduce water some more next time. Needs more onion.

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grzelewskiw April 17, 2016

My husband ate cornbread and didn't complain about it! I'm so happy! I made this healthier by using a sugar free cake mix from Pillsbury and I also left out the butter. I do think this was "cakey", but our family liked them. I will definitely be using this recipe again. Thank you LauraTracey!

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ElizabethKnicely April 26, 2013

This was too box cake-like, and not enough cornmeal texture. I should have read reviews first, s they seem spot on. However, I like to make a recipe as written, but now I have to try this again.

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jskbt February 11, 2013

This is fantastic cornbread!!! My mouth is watering just thinking of it. We like cornbread alot, but yours is the recipe that stands out of all we have tried. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

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mommyoffour February 07, 2013
Boston Market Cornbread