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My husband and I loved this pie! The filling was nice and creamy and rich. I followed the instructions exactly. I had no problem with the cake falling apart,for which I am thankful. My husband says to thank you!

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Sharon123 October 26, 2003

This Boston Cream Pie didn't turn out well for me. I had a difficult time getting the custard to thicken up, and then, it tasted bland. Also, it made way too much. Then when I went to spread it over the cake, it dribbled down. So I had to throw half of it away. The chocolate glaze didn't taste right either... it came out looking HORRIBLE, and I'm so disappointed because I'm serving it tonight for my husband's birthday. I wish I had tried another recipe.

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AnnzieBobber October 09, 2006

We really liked this. It looks more complicated than it is, and that's always a good thing ;-). I did have problems with the glaze, so I played with it til it came out right but that wasn't too big a problem. And I did have to sub custard powder for the cornstarch as I didn't have any cornstarch. But I think that made the custard creamier so I will use that next time as well. Thanks!

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Liara April 02, 2007

Well, perhaps my problems were my own fault, but... my cake turned out pretty dry; I baked it for 21 minutes, but perhaps should have taken it out earlier. The custard and frosting both turned out too thick. Again, maybe it was just me. (The custard never appeared to thicken; thus, I wound up cooking it too long.) Flavor was good; my issues were just with texture. Better luck next time!

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Chef Doolittle May 02, 2005

This dessert is very tasty. The cake is moist. The chocolate glaze is smooth and velvety. The filling is soooo creamy. I made this cake and very carefully assembled it. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, when I cut it the next day, the filling collapsed. But that certainly did not affect the flavour. It tasted sooooo good! Just wasn't real pretty. Also, I only used 1/8 tsp. salt in the filling. 1/4 tsp. was too much when I made it the first time. I am sorry I can't rate this higher.

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cuisinebymae August 16, 2003

I followed the directions (unusual for me) except I baked the cake as two separate layers so I wouldn't have to cut it in half. I thought the filling and topping were great and the assembled cake looked beautiful. However, the final result was just OK. Didn't think it was worth the work.

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Jeri Roth Lande February 12, 2015

I used this recipe for the filling and glaze only. Both were really easy to make and good. The filling wasn't quite what I wanted so will likely keep looking for another formula. Thanks for posting.

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etully July 19, 2009

Wow. This was my first time making Boston cream pie, and I was impressed at just how good and easy it was. With the original cake recipe being the texture that it is, it wasn't half as hard as I thought it would be to cut it in half. I used a long bread knife; so it cut almost all the way through easily. The custard was easy to make, just took a little commitment to stir it frequently and make sure it didn't boil too soon. And the glaze? Well, I am not good at frosting cakes. I was able to just spoon the glaze onto the cake with a serving spoon, and gravity pretty much did the rest without much help from me (just a little prompting with a butter knife). I followed all the steps as accurately as I could and let the cake set overnight in the refrigerator. The only major change I made was to use Nestle semisweet chocolate chips in the glaze, and that turned out good anyway. For the surprisingly small amount of effort I put into this cake, I am very impressed with the outcome. Thank you so much for making this "special occasion" treat available to me for an "everyday occasion"! (I'll check in with you 15 pounds later on this, lol.)

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Ransomed by Fire January 30, 2009

This was so good! I was a little nervous b/c the cake batter didn't look very yellow to me but it baked up very nicely. I used 2 -8 inch pans so I wouldn't have to fuss w/cutting it in half. I was also leery about the custard b/c it didn't taste like much when I lickd the spoon, but inside the cake it was perfect! Also I was worried a/b the glaze being just that, and not covering the sides, but it was super sweet so the amount was PERFECT. All my worries were gone when I bit into the final product - delicious. The right amount of sweetness... enough that I could eat more than one piece! LOL Thanks for a great recipe, my DH is in BCP heaven!

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Rachie P June 14, 2008

I made this for a borthday at work. I made the cake and it turned out really bad. I followed the directions so I have no clue what I might have done wrong. I went ahead and used yellow cake mix and use the custard and chocolate topping given and both were wonderful. I will try the cake again to see where I went wrong. Thanks for a great recipe!!

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Kerbare May 06, 2008
Boston Cream Pie