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I just finished putting this together and took a small slice to taste. I think it will be much better once it has had a chance to sit in the frige for a few hours, or even overnight. However, it tastes wonderful so far! I followed the recipe as written, and I posted a picture of the finished cake. I don't know if it made a difference, but I did made sure that my butter, milk and eggs were at room temp for the cake batter. I also alternated adding the dry ingredients with the milk; starting and ending with the dry. The cake baked up golden and moist within 45 minutes in my oven using a dark coated spring form pan. Secondly, I mixed the sugar and cornstarch together in my sauce pan for the pastry cream first. I then beat my eggs, vanilla, milk, and cream together in a measuring cup. I slowly poured the milk/egg mixture into the sugar/cornstarch mixture while mixing with a whisk. I had no problems with lumps. Finally, just a piece of advice about the glaze and adding the water.... chocolate will seize when it comes in contact with water. So, I melted the chocolate first with the butter, corn syrup and salt before adding the water. I had no problems and everything came out perfectly! This is a great recipe and I would definately make it again. Thank you so much for sharing. I forgot to post my rating!!! I give this 5 stars!!!

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kfr33man1 March 18, 2013

This cake requires some effort, so be forewarned, but I believe it will be worth your while. I made this for DH's birthday & he is the Boston Cream Pie connoisseur--he loved it. I doubled the recipe, as I have twin teenage boys in the house and I thought I might like a piece also. It doubles beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

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*****Sandy November 18, 2008

This recipe made it into Book #179627 This is a very nice Boston Cream Pie. The first one I ever made, and made it to specs. Well worth it. Very light with a creamy custard, and an awesome chocolate topping. Also, placed in the fridge overnight, the second day, it tastes even better! And the chocolate hardens like the top of an eclaire or donut. Yummy! Thanks Sharon, for sharing this wonderful delight.

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2Bleu January 01, 2008

I have tried other BCP recipes. Those recipes will be thrown away! This is delicious. The cake was a little "crusty", but I thought it added a nice crunch to the end product. I used a regular 9" cake pan. This was the perfect birthday cake for my boyfriend, who loves BCP.

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SBCooks February 06, 2012

FABULOUS! I've always wanted to make Boston Cream Pie, so selected this one to make for my Hubby's Birthday. I thought it was fairly easy. The custard was easy but I did have to put it through a fine strainer, as mine curdled a little...I also refrigerated it covered with saran wrap overnight. The glaze was the BEST part...bittersweet/dark chocolate flavor and nice shiny texture...it also was very easy...I want to try it on Angel Food Cake with whipped cream and strawberries now. The only problem I had was with the cake, my oven has been running hot so my first batch got almost burned around the edges but was very yummy in the middle. I turned my oven down 25 degrees for the second batch but baked it too long as it ended up dry. I think part of the fault was my cheap springform pan too. Next time I will probably use 2 cake pans and really watch them. I also used regular salted butter in everything. Anyways, this is probably my first and last recipe to try because it's soooo good! Freddy Cat says hi!

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Engrossed December 08, 2011

This is one of my husband's favorite desserts and we always make one for his birthday... He also loves bananas so I sliced some and arranged the slices over the custard filling... Yum! Agree with other reviewers-- shorten cooking time to 45 min.

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tcrago October 02, 2015

This is a very good recipe. I made it exactly as listed, but found the cake portion in particular to be a little dry, I wished I'd pulled it out sooner than the 50 minutes. It definitely got better with time, at least a day, so make it ahead! I would make this again, it is good, but I think I'll try another recipe first, at least for the cake part.

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janelle_5388064 May 05, 2014

Oh Good Grief uploaded a picture, gave a few pointers to make it foolproof based on problems some reviewers might be having... and then the doorbell rang and I sent without the STARS...so sorry...what a goof...yummy cake.

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Sandra H. February 19, 2014

beautiful cake. I loved the custard. I made this in my 10inch pan and it only needed to bake 40min

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sofie-a-toast December 21, 2012

Sorry to say that I am not in aggreement with the other reviewers. I followed the recipe to specs, and the cake and custard came out fine. The chocolate glaze however was truly a disaster!.. The addition of the salt to the mixture totally throws off the balance.

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Jaccpr November 06, 2008
Boston Cream Pie