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This cheesecake was so good!! I made it a week before I actually needed it and put it in the freezer, it thawed well and tasted great. This recipe is definately a keeper.

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JKRunning November 25, 2005

I absolutely loved this! I used a 10" springform. I was in a hurry and didn't let the cake portion cool completely. As a result, the very middle never fully set up because the cream cheese mixture sort of blended with the cake middle. It actually worked out kinda nicely because when I cut the cheesecake after chilling completely, the middle was still kind of creamy like a boston cream pie :) I topped mine with the chocolate ganache and piled mini marshmallows in the middle after the ganache cooled. The marshmallows are a VERY good flavor addition. I would recommend trying that even with cupcakes as a decoration. I will be making this time and time again! Thanks for an awesome recipe!

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the_cookie_lady October 23, 2010

Made this cake yesterday and it is really good! I used a l0 inch springform pan. Also I cooked the cake mix about l0 minutes more than called for before I put the cream cheese mixture on. I will me making this again. It sounds like lots of work but it really isn't.

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Mrs. J March 06, 2009
Boston Cream Cheesecake