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This recipe is great. I used 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup mollasses. This is tastes just like brown bread (even better)in a can usually served with baked beans. I love it Thanks

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DANIMARIE74 January 31, 2009

Very good served with hotdogs and beans! Skipped the walnuts but otherwise made as directed except I used a stoneware bread pan shaped as a coffee can and two small bread (individual serving size) pans (for the freezer). Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ December 22, 2012

I made this while one of my employees plowed snow. Then I served it still hot with coffee when he came it. We all liked it a lot. I didn't add the baking soda until after the bowl had cooled. Also mine was a little gooey in the middle. One of the "loaves" I didn't cut until it was completely cooled and then it was completely done as well. But it is a wonderful recipe. I came back to it because I am planning to make it again.

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Kmmd February 06, 2009

I made this brown bread recipe to go with dinner and it was a great addition! We couldn't leave it alone. I think I had 3 pieces myself :) I love the addition of the dates and walnuts to this Boston favorite!

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ItalianPrincess3 January 12, 2008

Oh Rose, this was awesome! We made these and I was transported back to Schraffts in NYC, where I would have tea with one of my aunts. I think I was all of 10 but I never forgot these with cream cheese!! Just wonderful! I loved the 3 loaves but everyone in the home wanted at it - but I hid mine!! We were acting like a bunch of little kids - this is something new for the latins, these flavors. Thanks so much for the memories - I just re-read the last line of your introduction - yes I guess the shoe fits! I am so glad I found this, Diane:)

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Manami November 27, 2007

I like the Boston Brown Bread in the can (the kind bought in the store. Now you spoiled me, I'll never buy it canned again. Love the dates and used golden raisins. Thanks for sharing

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L DJ June 12, 2007

I wish I had doubled the recipe - this is so easy to make and so good. I was going to take off one star because the recipe doesn't say to leave lots of room for the loaf to rise. I am not a baker and I filled the tins to within 3/4 of the top and they over flowed while baking. If I had used the 14oz tins as the recipe suggests & used 3 this would not have happened but I used 2 larger 19 oz tins. Baked 1 hour at 350 and they did overflow. When I removed the loaves from the tin I loosened with a knife as suggested and then cut out the bottom of the tin & gently pushed the loaves out - very easy, and they came out perfect. This recipe brings back childhood memories! This is a super recipe perfect to enjoy by yourself or serve to company with a nice cup of tea.Thanks Rose of Sharon for posting this delicious recipe

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Bergy December 12, 2006
Boston Brown Bread