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If you want to try something different. Something spicey....try this. It was wonderful, and we really enjoyed it. I used 2 chipotles because my jalapeno was rather small. I used frozen corn (fresh roasted was not an option now). I bought the smoked chicken at the supermarked deli, and it was good, but homemade will be the way I do it next time. All of the flavors worked together. It was spicey, smokey, and creamy. I will definately be making this again. Thanks for sharing!

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Miss Annie December 02, 2002

You directions are very simple to follow. That in itself made making this recipe a snap! I couldn't find smoked chicken and I couldn't get my idea for homemade to work so I used smoked turkey breast. I also used 1 1/2 fresh jalapenos, about 4 or 5 chipotles and I didn't drain my tomatoes. I ate a bowl of it plain, then stirred in a few slices of pepperjack cheese and about a tablespoon of finely chopped cilantro. The soup was really awesome without the changes and that is what I am basing the 5 stars on. (although it was really good with the changes too) I only have one little complaint that is easily fixed. I think 1/4 cup oil is a bit much. I had a thin layer of it floating on top of the soup during cookng. I think I will cut the oil back to about 2 tablespoons. Other than that,this a very spicy, soul warming soup that I will make for many many years to come. Thanks for posting it

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Malriah June 29, 2003

This is my new fave chicken chowder. I made half a batch since only two of use were eating it. Increased the chipotles to 1 1/2 with a tsp of adobo since I didn't have any jalepenos- and I am a wuss yet it wasn't too spicy for me. I also cut the oil down to 2 tbsp and when it was time to put the flour in I added about 1/2 cup of broth first and heated that up, then added the flour slowly. Only other change I made was to top with a tiny bit of smoked cheddar cheese. I think next time I make this I may add a few slices of smoked bacon to the pot before I cook the onions. This is soooooo good, I love it! Creamy, savory, perfect blending of flavors, definitely boss worthy!

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Elainia December 08, 2007

Made half a recipe of this wonderful soup. I sautéed 3 strips of bacon first and then added it at the end. So good and yummy at the cold time of year. Loved the chipotle, I always puree and then freeze it so I have it on hand. Used about 1 T.

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adopt a greyhound January 21, 2015

Really great, very thick. I had no jalapeños so used extra chipotle. I had no potatoes so used a large yam. I pan roasted canned corn and then "pan smoked" chicken breasts in a little liquid smoke. Much better the next day but really awesome the first day too. Next time I will leave out the flour. I think the yams/potatoes might thicken it enough. Thanks for posting.

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Marysdottir January 19, 2015

MMMMMMM yum this was so good! I love how it has virtually NO "seasonings" in it, but the flavor is amazing! For me, this turned out a little more soupy than chowder, but still great. I used boneless skinless chicken breasts, and barely any oil. Thanks!

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yogiclarebear October 05, 2007

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous recipe! Soul-satisfying comfort food - this will be a regular in our home. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Pinay0618 January 02, 2006
Boss-Worthy Chipotle Chicken Chowder