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Oh my God, Miller! These were INCREDIBLE! My husband and I love to have a great sandwich, and these were amazing! My husband went so far as to say these were the best he's ever had! I didn't have time to make your ham( I will try it for the holidays, and enjoy the leftovers on these sandwiches!)but we had a good quality deli ham, havarti, and good pepperoni. And we had them on my fresh homemade focaccia. We also added a few slices of red onion. The vinaigrette is delicious, and we sprinkled some on the bottom bread also before layering ingredients. The combination of flavors are just a match made in heaven! Definitely a keeper that will be in regular rotation in my cookbook! I'm thinking I could make this with the whole focaccia, wrap it up, then slice and serve at a picnic! Yummm! Thanks for sharing!

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ciao August 07, 2002

This was like having a "restaurant" sandwich at home. We did stray slightly by using focaccia, but stuck with the recipe otherwise. I will be adding this one to our favorite "baked" sandwich list! Thanks for the great recipe :)

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Shae August 14, 2002

Very tasty sandwich! I didn't make your limerick ham either- just used nice black forest ham. I also cheated on the bread too- I actually made Irish soda bread with the express intent of using it for these sandwiches, but we ate it all before I got to make these! We just had it on sourdough. The vinagarette is nice. I liked the flavors, but I felt like there should be more on the sandwich- red onion like Lee~Ann~R used, maybe? I also would have rather have not melted the cheese, I think- I did have to use havarti and I found that I prefer it not melted- I find that its creamy texture and flavor disappears when its melted. I think this is a good basic sandwich, but needs some suppliments and adjustments for personal tastes. Thanks for a nice lunch!

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Roosie September 28, 2004

Loved this sandwich- used sourdough bread instead of Irish Soda bread, but will try the Irish bread next time.

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Jo Ann Thornton October 07, 2007

I have had this in my cookbook for the longest time and finally got around to trying it on a busy weekend. These babies are awesome Miller. I too just used a high quality sliced deli ham for simplicity and tossed these together in no time. Loved the dressing with the combination of ham, cheese and pepperoni. Looks like a superbowl must have! Thank you Miller!

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Just Cher October 12, 2004
Bookmaker's Sandwich