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Oh.... my.. GAWD.... This is SALSA NIRVANA!!! I've never tasted anything like this in my life. I made it for a party, and people were practically tackling each other to get to it! I had to make another batch! Not super hot, but you could "kick it up a notch" with more jalapeno if you wanted, I suppose. VERY tart and citrus-laced. Lots of body, color, and visual appeal. Try it on burgers, chili, almost anything!!! Bonstr, whoever you are, BOTTLE THIS STUFF!!! You'll be rich.

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Llarion October 09, 2001

Holy cow! This salsa is defintely "Awesome". Never mind the chips...I could eat this with a spoon! Yum

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Tracy Arthur November 12, 2001

I've been looking for the perfect salsa recipe and feel like this is it. Maybe it's the lime's (as Bonstr says) or the fresh Missouri Roma tomatoes....either way, this salsa is great. Try it. McCool PS: I add a little cilantro (just personal taste)!

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Jimmy McCool August 10, 2001

If ever there were a five-star salsa, this is the one!!!!! We all loved it! Super!!! UPDATE: Bonnie, I just made a double batch of your salsa (again!) over the weekend and had to let you know once more how much we love it! (I think I'm addicted!) =;)

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susan March 05, 2002

The combination of pickeled peppers and vinegar were too much for me--left a strong after taste. I would prefer regular jalapenos and cut the vinegar out. Cilantro would be a good addition.

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Cozette March 04, 2002

This is a really good salsa! I ended up adding 2 tablespoons of salt like you said, and it was way to much for my taste. In step one it says to combine all ingredients, but in step two it says to alter salt, garlic, etc.. and by then I had already put in the two tablespoons of salt, therefore the steps seem out of sequence, or something like that.

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Sheri-BDB July 25, 2003

This salsa is excellent and I am picky when it comes to my salsa. Saying that- I did make a few changes to the recipe. I only used 1tbsp salt and 1.5 tsp pepper (that was more than enough). I also used only 1/8 cup red wine vingar and I added 1/4 cup chopped cilantro. I love this salsa and all of the flavors. I will continue to alter it until it suits my tastes perfectly but I think this is an amazing start. The next time I make it, I think I will cut out the vinegar completely or just add a splash and possibly try fresh jalepeno. I would keep all of the other changes that I made the first time, as well. I have been trying salsa recipes forever and this is my favorite so far. Even though I have many little tweeks, I believe this is a real winner!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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RecipeSeeker July 30, 2008

This really is an outstanding salsa! Fresh and zesty. Used apple vinegar instead of red wine vinegar and it turned out just awesome.

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Jiktes June 30, 2008

Hi Bonnie, Great recipe, fun to make and delicious taste. We did make a few minor changes though - halved the pepper, doubled the jalapenos, and used normal distilled vinegar in place of the RW vinegar. We also simmered the sauce on the stove before chilling in jars. Still - perfect taste out of that and you're absolutely right about the Limes! -ARG

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adsrghey #351204 November 25, 2006

I usually wait to review a recipe, but this was so good that I had to review it right away. Hopefully I can type and eat at the same time! I, honestly, can't stop eating this...it's that good. I wish there was more than 5 stars because it deserves it. I don't think that I will...correction, I won't, ever go back to store bought salsa again. I didn't have any limes, so I used 2 T. of lime juice for each lime. I also used no sodium added tomato sauce and only added 1 T. of salt. I like my salsa pretty mild, with just a little bit of a kick to it so I was afraid of adding the entire amount of peppers. I bought the can of pickled peppers and there were 3 in there. I only used one of them. I'm glad that I didn't add the full amount...or anything close to it because it was just the perfect hotness for me. However, I did add the full amount of cayenne pepper. Unlike another reviewer, I didn't find the vinegar taste too strong. I didn't taste it at all, actually...and I'm usually really sensitive to vinegar. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I will be making this again and again.

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AudreyBG May 23, 2003
Bonstrs Awesome Salsa