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This is a nice tea. Not my favorite but it might be yours. Green tea goes so well with fresh mint. I steep mine 3 minutes as I like a slightly lighter tea flavour/caffeine and I still find it a little strong. I use an organic green tea bag which says steep 1-3 minutes so I shall try 2 next time> I used creamed honey (I love that this recipe uses honey instead of white sugar!) I'm not sure I used spearmint leaves as they were from a grocer and just said mint on the package. (They were slightly rounded), plus I use spring water. I boil my water and wait a minute before pouring it on the green tea bags. I would like to try this again with the longer mint leaves we get in the garden during summer/autumn, I think they are more likely spearmint. Plus less steeping time than called for here. I will then update my review insha Allah (God willing). BTW I agree to not be shy of honey it is good for us!

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UmmBinat April 02, 2011

Now this is TRUE mint tea! Instead of green tea I used spearmint which gave it that extra minty flavor. I actually preferred it before I added the honey, however that is my taste preference. I will be drinking this often! This recipe was tagged in the Comfort Cafe's tag game.

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AcadiaTwo January 06, 2009
Bonnie's Mint Green Tea