Bonnie's Mint Green Tea

Total Time
7 mins
5 mins

this is a basic moroccan tea. i was inspired to figure out how to make this when it was served to me by a moroccan friend's mom. i found it so delicious that it spoiled me for plain japanese-style green tea. this tea came in very handy to soothe a recent sore throat.

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  1. heat water, any way you please
  2. put some tea leaves on a filter in a mug, teacup, or glass (the latter if you want to be truly moroccan)
  3. place the spearmint leaves in the cup under the filter (or over if you don't like leaves floating in your tea-- i like it because it adds texture).
  4. let the water come to a boil, then set it aside for half a minute so it can cool slightly pour the water over the filter and let it stand for 3-5 minutes.
  5. lift out the filter and press the leaves with a spoon to squeeze out their juices add as much honey as you like.
  6. don't be shy-- honey is a healthy, wholesome sweetener. drink it up (it should already be cool enough by now).