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I was looking for a Bone in Ham recipe for the BBQ as my full size oven has officially gone to the next world. This recipe worked very well. The honey-butter glaze is quite nice, however next time I would only make half the recipe as there was a lot of glaze left over. My roast took about 2 hours to reach 145 F over indirect heat. (I should say that the outdoor temperature was hoving around 0 degrees Celcius when I cooked this so my gas grill had to "try a little harder" due to the cold outside temperature. This roast might not have taken quite that long to cook in fairer weather conditions.) I turned the 2 outside burners on and left the middle one off. I also cradled the roast in a V shaped BBQ roasting rack instead of placing the roast directly on the grill itself. I will make this again. Thanks BBQ Queen.

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Chef Regina V. Smith November 17, 2009
Bone-In Ham on the Barbecue With Honey-Butter Glaze