Bolognese Sauce

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Recipe by soulreaver_domain

This is quite simply the best bolognese sauce I've ever tasted (and that's a lot). Superb for lasagne or spaghetti, or simply on toast (I swear). Also freezable. Optional extras include liver (if you puree it, it enriches the sauce) and mushrooms. NOTE: Some measurements, such as herbs, wine and puree etc are SUBJECTIVE, don't take my measurements as gospel; experiment. NOTE: There really is no other way to cook this without letting it simmer for several hours, I promise you it's the best way.

Top Review by Sarah Pallett

This is the closest I've seen to the recipe I cook ALL the time, and Chef is right on about the cooking time ... the flavour and texture are both transformed by long slow cooking. This is my 'base' sauce for all sorts of recipes - after the classic spag bol, I can use leftovers for a sort of italian samosa/pasty with readymade pastry, or add chilli sauce and beans for a really fast meal with rice - or even use it on tacos! Many apologies to you purists out there, but I when I need a really quick and easy meal ... This recipe also freezes really well, and makes the sometimes daunting task of preparing homemade lasagna a five minute assembly job, even including a homemade bechamel. Thanks so much for posting this!

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  1. Add oil to pan and sweat onions on a medium/low heat for 5 mins or until soft, making sure not to brown them. Then add garlic.
  2. Add beef, pork and bacon and let it brown.
  3. Add tomatoes, tomato puree, wine, oregano and basil. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Leave on lowest possible heat for 4+ hours, stirring occasionally.
  5. Season to taste.

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