Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

Move over Martha Stewart. simple is better. Let the natural flavor of the lobster come through and watch your guests' eyes glaze over.


  1. Bring to a roiling boil a large kettle of salted water.
  2. Place lobsters in boiling water head first. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove and serve with melted butter.
  4. HOW TO EAT: Twist off the claws. Crack each claw with a nut cracker.
  5. Separate the tail piece from the body. Bend back and break the flippers off the tail piece. Insert a fork where the flippers have been broken off and push out the meat.
  6. Separate the back from the body. Open the remaining part of the body by cracking apart sideways. There is some good meat in this section.
  7. The small claws are excellent eating! The meat sucked out like like sipping through a straw!
Most Helpful

Thank you so much for posting this recipe, it's simple and makes perfectly cooked lobsters. The natural taste of fresh lobster is divine all by itself and doesn't need Martha Stewart meddling with it! I normally buy lobsters freshly cooked, but they had a big sale on the live ones and weren't expecting any to remain to be cooked by the store. I can remember my parents steaming lobsters in a pot with water and seaweed but I couldn't see myself running to the shore to get some this time of year! Plus I wasn't quite sure how long to cook them for, other than that they had to turn red before they're done. It was great to be able to come here and find a nice simple way to make them. Just delicious.

*Pixie* December 31, 2002

My husband and I have never tried to boil our own lobsters. Thank you for posting a recipe that is simple and something two novices could do without any trouble at all. Your how to eat instructions were helpful as well. The lobster meat was succulent and a true guilty pleasure. Thanks Barbara Mooers.

EmmaTaylor July 01, 2003

This recipe is all mapped mistakes. We cooked them outside on a big turkey cooker. Easy. I will look for this again.

krazynthekitchen June 29, 2003