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I had quit buying ham because of the saltiness so I was so happy to find this recipe. I soaked it for 8 hours in cold water and boiled it for about an hour and a half. The taste is awesome! The only drawback is that the ham was pretty dry. I will try boiling it for less time and see how that works. I will definitely use this many times more. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

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Marie October 22, 2008

I came to find out how much time to do the boil. My aunt in Idaho is the person that showed my mom how good a boiled ham is! Thanks for the recipe next time I will soak, and add seasonings. I am using a very large pot to do this. My braising cast Iron was not tall enough. I have issues with my stove so it was a rolling boil eventually and then I couldn't get it to slow down. So I took it out after 2 hours. Letting it sit now.

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Seasons April 12, 2012

The recipe is clear and the result is a lovely moist ham. I had visions of the boiled Cottage roll that my mother used to cook every Christmas and this cut of ham just isn't the same. I award 5 stars to the recipe and 3 stard to me for not choosing the right cut. The real old fashioned Cottage roll is very hard to find. added comments 13 Oct 2008 I used a lovely ham end and it is delicious - moist and good. Still can't find a "real" cottage roll but this cut was really good Thanks for you easy recipe.

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Bergy October 14, 2008

Thanks for a great way to cook a ham. It was not salty and fell off the bone. We had given uo cooking/baking hams, because my husband must watch his salt intake. We used a Cooks Smoked ham. 12 lbs and i simmered it for 4 hours. Thanks again Koechin/Chef

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Koechin (Chef) May 05, 2008

Everyone raved about the ham, commenting on how it wasn't that salty and how moist and tender it is. I used a picnic ham (bone-in) and left off the onions. O a;sp did not presoak as I forgot to read the directions until about 3 hours before company was to arrive. I poured the liquid down the drain but If I wasn't having company for dinner I would made ham bone soup out of it with a little left over ham and the bone. I was very pleased with this and I will continue using this recipe in the future. Thanks for posting it.

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Chef Maria #2 March 03, 2008

I purchased a 'picnic' ham, rather than soak overnight I boiled the ham for a half hour, changed the water and then added the spices and onions and simmered until tender. What a delicious ham! I served it with scalloped potatoes and broccoli. Great dinner!

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Elly in Canada February 05, 2008
Boiled Ham