Total Time
5hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 hrs

I use this in almost all apple dishes..from crisp to pie to is good for a lot of things..lots cheaper to make your own..I have paid upwards of $10 a bottle from catalogs or gourmet stores


  1. Bring cider to a rolling boil.and then turn down to a good simmer so that it continues to evaporate.
  2. simmer about 5 hours or until syrupy.may reduce down to 1 quart.
  3. Good on pancakes, apple pies, any apple dessert.really concentrates the flavor -- .
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Fantastic stuff! I didn't have five hours to tend it so I put it in my crockpot on high for about 24 hours, and it came out beautifully. Thick and dark and syrupy, and with a very strong apple flavor. I did throw a few cinnamon sticks into the pot before cooking, but next time I'll try it without. I used a half gallon of cider and ended up with exactly two 4 oz. jars full of the syrup. I'm making an apple pie for our Halloween potluck on Friday, and I can't wait to use this cider in the pie. From what I have heard, this stuff keeps forever if you put it in the fridge, so I think I will wait for cider to go on sale again, and make a ton of it in these little tiny jars for Christmas. Thanks a mil, Grandma.

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Not only was it easy and tasted great, the house smelled so wonderful as it was cooking down!

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My Mom and I just made this today. It does take a long time to make, but if you have a day's worth of household chores or things to do then it's no big deal. Just when we doubted that it would thicken, it did, and beautifully too! It has a very strong assertive apple flavor that will be great in apple recipes. I understand now when recipes call for just 1-2 Tb. I'm excited to start cooking it. Does anyone know how long it keeps? And can you freeze it?