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This is a real country-style soup. You can feel it doing you good as you eat it! I couldn't buy celeriac, so I substituted celery plus a teaspoon of celery seeds. I resisted the urge to 'trick' this soup up by adding herbs or cream etc. and I was glad I did - it was lovely just as it is. For ease of serving, I crumbled the bacon over the soup to serve and, because I don't have a griller (broiler) large enough to accommodate a dutch oven, I topped the fried toast triangles with the cheese and just grilled THEM and then floated them on top of the soup. It worked fine. I served the soup with spoons and forks, so we could tear up the bread in the bowls, making it easy to eat. Another note I would make about this soup is because it relies solely on the vegetables for its flavour, it does require a fairly strongly flavoured stock. I used water and good quality vegetable stock powder, and just kept adding teaspoons of stock powder until I got the flavour I wanted. I also added a couple of good pinches of black pepper and a small amount of salt at the end. One last note, the recipe says it makes 4 servings - I found it made 7 good sized servings.

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Kookaburra June 14, 2005
Boerenkaas Soep (Dutch Farmer's Cheese Soup)