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Excellent cooking instructions. It was so great to revisit the breakfasts we had while visiting England and Scotland. I prepared the mushrooms in a little Madeira, but I think the ones we had over there were just sauteed in a little butter, and I wish I had stuck with that. I was able to have bangers made at my local Andersons. They are thicker than the ones we had overseas. Taste was still great tho. FWIW, you don't have to put a whole tsp of water to see if a skillet is appropriately hot. Just run your hand over the faucet and then flick your fingers over the skillet. The drops will dance when the skillet is ready. I think my favorite part of the meal was the tomatoes. My sausages weren't really done when I mistakenly put the eggs in the skillet, so I zapped them for a little bit in the microwave to finish off. Served with whole grain toast (in addition to the "soldiers"), marmalade, tea, Worcestershire sauce and steak sauce. Thank you so much for going thru the trouble to post these careful instructions!! ZWT6

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Debbie R. June 20, 2010

It could only be faboulous! Nobody who has ever had a properly cooked EB can deny the brilliance in the simple bold flavours. It is NOT too much for breakfast, I promise. Truly delicious english food follows the same rules as italian, the freshest ingredients with the best flavour as unadulterated as possible. (unfortunately, it is a lot harder to find, even in England)
I consider the mushrooms necessary, as they are a family favorite - and the bacon goes down a treat.. For family size quantities I find it faster to use the grill for sausages and then bacon, and the oven for trays of chopped mushrooms and tomatoes halved with a touch of salt (i even use olive oil for them with just a few small pieces of butter for true flavour). Then the already hot oven keeps everything warm while finishing off with the pan full of eggs! bon apetit!

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ange du soleil March 01, 2011
Bodacious British Bangers and Baked Beans Brunch!