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Sounds gooood, Troy. The ingredients are about right, although if you're a lazy cook you don't have to pre-cook the minced beef (CHOPPED beef??) Or is that just American for meat put through a mincer? It could be improved further by adding some chutney and ground cumin. Otherwise it's a really trad. version. It's always served with rice (and whatever else, in side dishes) EDITED A LITTLE, 2 Nov 2008: Checking out bobotie recipes for leftover leg of lamb, I read this again. Troy, you will get a better result (I should have spotted this 1st time round) if you add the curry powder and turmeric to the softened sauteed onions -- this brings out the flavour of the curry much more than just adding it to the meat mixture. Adding (if you like the flavours) ground cumin, ground cinnamon and cardamom to the curry powder will also lend it a more exotic, true flavour. The good Cape Malay cooks all mix their own curry powders with various spices and dried hot pepper, and do not use commercial curry powder (that's just an aside!) So no bobotie ever tastes exactly the same. You can also sub 1 tablespoon fine apricot jam for the apple. Happy cooking!

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Zurie November 02, 2008

This is my basic recipe for Bobotie. Some changes: I use half lamb and I don't precook the onions, apples or meat. I add extra fruit and don't use the nuts (allergies). I use the zest from the lemon and rice milk for the custard (allergies.)I also add about a teaspoon grated ginger. I agree that you can bump up the spices. Extra curry, salt, pepper, a bit of cayenne. I always serve with chutney!

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sweber May 11, 2007

this made a better dish the night i made and served it.( i had to have a taste!) i did freeze it for a week. i reheated and i found the spices not as pronounced. i would use more curry in the future if i was making it to freeze for oamc.

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chia August 19, 2005

tis can be made without Milk and can definitely be frozen successfully. Use veg.stock and substitute margarine.(This is for those who don't mix meat & milk)ie keep Kosher.

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noreenruth August 07, 2005