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I needed to make a super-simple, light dessert after a heavy meal. I thought an ice cream pie would be perfect. Using this recipe as a beginning, I bought Double-Stuff MINT Oreo cookies and chocolate ice cream. I made the crust and filled the softened ice cream exactly as the recipe stated. Instead of drizzling the chocolate, I cut a few extra cookies in half (diameter, so I had half circles with filling inside) and I stood these half-cookies up around the pie. I have to tell you that I have already gone out and bought another package of mint Oreos. It was to DIE for!

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RigelBee March 31, 2007

Great, simple recipe. The crust came out a little too hard though. Is there such a thing as over-freezing? :)

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Shasha July 03, 2007
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice's Killer Ice Cream Pie