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Great recipie that is easy to follow and yeilds impressive results. A tart pan makes it that much better and is well worth the cost if you don't have one. I also gently heated 1/3 cup of apple jelly until liquid and brushed it on as a glaze and lightly sprinkled the top with icing sugar.

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Vic Evans August 17, 2009

There is something wrong with this recipe, First, I did crust in my Cuisinart, note a bowl as suggested, easier, it did not make enough dough for a 10" spring form pan, I had to use a square tart pan with removable bottom, smaller, recipe was unclear when it came to berries, recipe was unclear weather to measure berries by weight or by cup, makes a difference.

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bpbotts_7283919 July 22, 2016

AWESOME TART!! Made this for my whole family, gone in 15 minutes! Everyone always asks me to make it again, best blueberry dessert ive ever made!

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sharpcl47 July 02, 2016

The recipe is really simple, and it doesn't take long to make. The result is pretty yummy, except for one thing: it's so so so sweet. It literally puts you in a sugar coma. Next time I would skip sugar in the filling and think of something else. Blueberries are sweet themselves, and they might do well alongside a less sweet berry, maybe with some gelatine involved to make it even better. Otherwise, good idea for a quick dessert!

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liannahome August 23, 2015

This was one of the weirdest things I have done with blueberries, but it is tasty. A cup of sugar to 2-1/2 cups of blueberries? Except that other people hqd made it, I thought that can't be right, but I forged ahead, using all the blueberries (the container I had was four cups, not 4-1/2). The dough got pretty warm spreading it around the pan so I popped it in the fridge while I considered the implications of so much sugar to only so many blueberries. Once all in the pan, I cooked it for 45 minutes, took a look and could still see some uncooked sugar, so gave it another ten minutes though the top edge of the crust was getting very brown. After letting it cool for half an hour, I had a slice with vanilla ice cream. Not bad. The crust is very nice. Because it is spread so thin, it was nice and crispy. The blueberry layer is also very thin, with sort of a cooked sugar layer under it. I sprayed the pan before putting in the crust, and the springform released easily. It is a pretty and tast dessert but next time I would increase the blueberries to six cups, reserving 1-1/2 cups to use as the recipe directs. It would probably help if I had a 10-inch springform, rather than 11, but my other choice was an 8-inch. I might try the 8-inch, if only to ijcrease the thickness of the blueberry layer.

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axomamma May 23, 2015

This is an excellent recipe. I agree that it needs a little more flour, so I added half a cup. I also chill the dough a little so that I may roll it a little between two sheets of wax paper--I think it ends up more even than when I just pat it on the dish.

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fridaambia August 10, 2011

Very blueberry! Good, but I am not sure if it's just me but I wish that there was more crust/flour to it-- it was basically like a crumble to me. Additionally, there was a *ton* of sugar. I read the reviews below but I didn't want to half the sugar-- I should have. I guess testing your berries (eating five?) may help you with your sugar questions!

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wisconsincheddar28 August 10, 2010

I created a membership on here just to tell you how much we enjoyed this tart! So easy and I even substituted the sugar for splenda, butter for becel and added some strawberries with the blueberries and it was still delicious. thanks again

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~*lil_miss_SBC*~ August 21, 2009

Loved it. Truly easy and just simple and yummy. Baked all the blueberries as other reviewers suggested. Next time I will cut down the sugar a bit, it was very sweet. The only problem I had was it stuck a bit to the sides of my springform, so I will spray next time. Will make again, perhaps with cherries. Thanks for a quick and easy dessert that was outstanding. UPDATE: This has become our go-to recipe for blueberry dessert. AMAZINGly good and easy. I have been baking all the blueberries and it works out just fine. HAve cut sugar to 1/2 cup and it is plenty with sweet berries. THANKS!

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Messy44 August 14, 2009

This is so yummy and easier than an actual pie! I was pleasantly surprised that the thin crust actually held up while serving, and the center set nice and thick when cooled! I really liked the texture and flavor of some berries cooked and some not. But I can't believe some people found it too sweet! We thought it was very tart, and next time we'll have ice cream on hand to go with it! I give it just 4 stars because I was disappointed to have a burnt crust, even after following the directions exactly. Stil does not taste too bad!

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J-Lynn July 08, 2009
Blueberry Tart - Couldn't Be Easier